Stop with the five star token rewards


Can you please bring this back to the team. Right now, there is zero incentive to compete in these solo events. If you are not in the top 3, you are basically fighting for nothing. Five star tokens are the equivalent of four star tokens in the five star/early six star era.

What exactly are we supposed to do with these? This game is at such a low point. No gear, no medals and no events. Just a constant stream of level ups that give everyone except the top 3 useless rewards. The choice boxes need to be scaled.

1st — 2500 choice box
2-3 — 1000 choice box
4-10 — 500 choice box
11-100 — 250 choice box
101-250 — 100 choice box
250-500 — 50 choice box

You guys need to keep the game current and interesting. Don’t you want players to actually try and compete in tournaments? If a player isn’t going for top 3 currently, what does it matter where else they fall? Get it together please.


@Rickygrimes Absolutely Sir!


Thank you!

Ive said this a few times

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Exactly, nobody is killing themselves for parts of a spin on a wheel with a 7% chance of getting something with even a chance of being slightly useful

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personally would love to see this type of change along with a weekly roadmap for said tokens, wishful thinking would be to have it farmable. xD. of course i am speaking from wanting that damn disarm michonne still, at this point she is my unicorn and it is getting personal, lol

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We need a gear + trainers event, or a regular roadmap that rewards a good amount of Lilliths / Benedicts and also 6* Gear.

Benedicts were out in 5* era.
Then we had to use Benedicts on 6* era.
Now really… Benedicts are Burts for s class. Why don’t we have propper trainers for s class?

  1. Make a collection with only red cakes in museum. We are rewarded red cakes in wars, not red cakes + toon.

All the rewards everywhere are obsolete. Look at what we received for linking account to facebook.

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Damn GR I never seen you this happy.


One issue is then the fodder for ascendance.

On to your point, when we got 6* they came with a Lilith and Ulysses, primarily 6* trainers. Now that we have S Class, again they need to update the rest of the game around the new meta

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Tag GR and convince him to allow players to exchange gear, toons, etc. and I’ll donate you one of mine for 1 smelling salts. :sweat_smile:

It’s useful to be able to send just 1 S-Class on an YGL, but if it’s already over level 50, then you’d need at least 4 or 5 of those missions to be able to upgrade him/her… A double XP YGL would go a long way!!! @GR.Scopely

Scavs will never be rebalanced cost too much for them for too little gain.

Damn GR is on fire today, mad props for getting back to most threads and responses better than querying back to the team. It’s like he ascended lol

Oh to add 500k ygb as well! You got bamboozled!
And gotta get rid of those 1* spamming toons and weapons, game needs a serious upgrade keeping on par with the 6*s if not S classes


@Bepis - Thanks for that and the fact that is has shown - now responding is fine but I need to get some fine answers for all of you :wink:



Absolutely spot on. There’s no reason to do anything but hit early milestones and prepare prepare prepare, in all events. Save cans for six months so you can blow them all on one event. Right now, even moving from rank 51 to top 50 is not worth any resources in many tournaments.

Scopely values 200 (or was it 300?) collectibles at 30 dollars though, as the offer over the weekend showed, so your numbers are very high. This would be a boost to collectible acquisition rate way beyond the biggest boosts we have in the game right now (which is probably onslaught). Maybe that’s how the game should be (I’m sceptical, but could be wrong, and don’t think it makes sense to argue about this), but this mixing two different arguments:

  1. How fast should getting an Sclass toon be (without paying), and in particular should it be much, much faster than it is today?
  2. Given a rough timeframe for Sclass acquisition, how should these be distributed through events?

Even if they don’t want to massively speed up the process, making the events matter is clearly the right choice, because it gives people a reason to actually play the event, and therefore the game, regularly. If we follow the existing scaling of rewards and adjust them a bit to follow the typical amounts, we end up with the following:

  • First place 60k 5* tokens / 2000 collectibles (actual)
  • Second/third place 33k 5* / 500 collectibles (actual)
  • 4th to 10th 28.8k 5* / 300 collectibles
  • 11th-50th 16.8k 5* / 130 collectibles
  • 51-250th 5.3k 5* / 30 collectibles
  • 251-1000 1k / 10 collectibles

This would not signiifcantly speed up the acquisition rate (50+ would work out to an additional day of the free roadmap, and a top 50 equivalent to one torch map run without the bonus gear etc), so with reasonably active play shave of a week to a few weeks, but it would make it feasible to actually play every event, and give some motivation to do more than the bare minimum.

Even if they do not boost the total acquisition rate by a huge amount, as you suggest here, they absolutely need to spread them throughout the ranks.



I know, mate. But as I stated more than once… I’m not gonna roll over and play dead.
I love this game and the community so I’ll at least try to suggest some improvements whenever I’m able to.


PLENTY of ascendance fodder in the basic tokens.

I think the values can be a little higher. While true, it will speed up the process to get your first S Class, the following ones will become slower.

For example: maybe it took players three months to get Pete since he was released. Let’s then say it takes players another three months to get priya… well priya will have been out now for 5.5 months. Then the third might be Raulito another three months which means he would have been out for roughly 8 months.

By then, spenders already have 15 or so S Class. Shard system has potential, but the rewards need to be increased. Put value in your tournaments.

Laopo has already been out for 2 months. A player has to win 4-5 tournaments to get her assuming they open some choice boxes. It’s insane.