Stop with the Chocolate Cake already

The rewards should be choice boxes but this is obviously the only way they could come up with to make sure to toons are rare

Never seen her use rush or as. Maybe once there’s better melee s class she’ll be more useful. Doc is easy now most have priya thanks to daze.

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This is why I haven’t opened a single choice box yet. I’ll just collecting all the freebies and waiting til the end to see what shortfalls i need to make up.

No point racing to get all these freebie s class when I’ll just end up fighting against a carbon copy of my team. At least mainly 6* I get some variety.

She’s awesome but broken at the mo, her As doesn’t work until next update probs

They really are behind right now
Most have Pete yet keys still seem to be everywhere and you can’t get a 2nd so those are basically nothing
Cones filtered through pretty quick and now we have chocolate cakes every event
The red cakes collections should surely be incorporating guo cards soon but doesn’t seem to be the case
It’s always the same thing with scope
1 step forward 80 steps back

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She can make your attack pretty unbeatable but slow.

Hmm. Well maybe once I’ve gotten hyngen, aarav and raulito I’ll give her a try.

“Most” certainly do not have Pete; this is a ridiculous claim.

Most have the two free Sclass. A few people have one of the collectible ones, and a fraction of them chose Pete. A tiny amount of the player base has more than that.


i dont like laopo

Honestly laopo is better option lead skill for def wise
Because Pete is getting wangfaked
Wangfa is litteraly gonna be powerful for a long time a lead skill that gives ap and abilty to decap regardless of skill is powerful
He will be hard to top off in terms of atk leaders
Let alone defending him

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Most have Pete? What crack are you snorting

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His lead skill sucks

Best option, a choice box with all s class items

She’s one of the best toons on attack full stop. Once her rush goes off, that’s game, set and match.
As soon as I have S class Guo, that’ll be happening turn 2 rather than turn 3.

Laopo is good on attack? All her rush does is to prevent retaliation by the enemy team. It doesn’t really stop their weapon effects or make them any easier to kill in terms of their defense. Sure, Laopo’s AR might help you win since you can suppress indefinitely(unless they have impair resist), but that infinite suppression isn’t ideally the best offensive strategy.

She’s much better on defense but I would hardly say she’s one of the best characters for offense. Diego/Harper are easily better than Laopo as their rushes actually make the enemies easier to kill, while providing a similar suppression effect to Laopo’s AR.


It’s only top 3 that get it so a lot still need them

Laopo suppresses both AR and AS on all, irrespective of shields or GSs, and by the time it’s worn off, she’s ready to go again. If opponents can’t AR or AS, the attacker will win every time. As long as you have a control toon in the team as well, even if they have impair resists, they aren’t going to be doing anything.
Some people would rather win 85% of battles as long as they only take 3 turns.
Some people prefer to win 95% of battles no matter the amount of turns.
If you are of the opinion that a greater chance of winning is better than the speed of the wins, then Laopo is one of the very best toons on attack in the game. Easily.

Most do
I don’t know what facs youre facing in war but just about every person I face has pete

You don’t snort crack
Just thought you should know :blush:

I’m on the verge of my first priya and ill be one of the very few in my fact that has gotten a single one. Your right.

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