Stop with the Chocolate Cake already

What are we up to now, like 10 or 12 solo level ups in a row that have only given chocolate cake for the top rewards?? (I’ve honestly lost count) Also other tourneys seem to be doing the same now. Last SR was for choc cake too as I recall. And tomorrow’s level up will give them yet again…

It’s great that 1st wins enough for an ascendable toon. But come on… The same fkn one over and over and over and over??? The ONLY reason i have to participate at all is league tokens. Oh, and theres never any other tourneys going anymore… but those aren’t good enough reasons for me. I’ve barely played at all the last 1-2 weeks because of this shit.

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WHY don’t you give other collectables as rewards anymore??
WHY have you stopped running more tournaments??

I can pretty much guess, but i think we deserve some COMMUNICATION about this from you guys! Getting really sick of how EVERYTHING you guys do takes more and more enjoyment out of the game. Really starts to feel like that’s the intent…


Since the day 1 with S itens on events rewards we should have choice boxes with every S item until now. Tokens (I doubt somebody choose 5* tokens lol) and only one item is not even enough and very unfair for those who don’t have enough resourses to fight for the first place on events.


Well no I wish they continue to give chocolate cake. That allow player to win chocolat cake when whales have enough with them
So please continue


100% agree. Figures though. We ask for choice boxes and they take away ALL choice. Can’t even choose to try for a different reward in the next tournament. And they take away choice boxes in milestones too.

This company is certainly the most out of touch with their customers that I have ever seen.

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Just save your resources and hit only milestones. :joy: No need to spend precious gear because your mind tells you to have to win this or that when first ranks even doesn’t give what you need.


They can cycle the rewards. Or better, put them in choice boxes. I don’t want to sit out level ups for the next month or two while everyone waits their turn at Laopo. Thats ridiculous imo.

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I’m not trying to win just because. What i want is the opportunity to fight for something different than the same toon over and over.

And still people will swallow everything down as if it was just some short time bad experience, but this has been going on for years not just since sclass release. People made hundreds of postings here about the reward structure in the past but did it change anything? No. They keep on playing and end up being disappointed. Their fault if they do not learn.

Unfortunately you will get that chance once every 2 months or so. It has always been like this in the past, you should actually know that this company is not creative or innovative when it comes to these small changes.

Other than when they gave tokens, I don’t recall them ever giving the same toon or rewards every single tournament for weeks at a time.

We are due for Raulito shells surely… confirmed its cakes again tomorrow?

They will have to be choice boxes soon, those S-class keep coming, Scopely is way behind on this :hugs:

Yep. It’s up on vk.

Tired of cake, what about this bargain?

For the astute amongst you, this values S-Class toons at around £1,600 each…

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Let’s hope. But don’t hold your breath…

If we can’t get the choice boxes, they need to at least cycle thru the different items. Shouldn’t ever be more than 2 tourneys in a row with the same collectable


Ftp people who want these choice boxes are kind of funny. Who do you think is going to win every level up if they make that change…


that’s my thinking it will be the same whales over and over, at least with this its gives more people the opportunity to get 1at place and if its not an item you want just save resources ready for the 1 you want

Maybe because it takes 10,000 cakes to get the s class. Who the heck wants the five star Laopo?

Seems nobody wants lapoopoo so they’re pushing ppl to get her. She’s very underwhelming.

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She has a great AS she makes toons that generate AP like Doc basically commit suicide and if you get her rush off the other team is dead in the water with no ability to rush or use AS

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