Stop with op towers!


No skill needed! Get mansion and u win! FCLING RIDICULOUS


100% attack boost is way to strong, instead of testing each factions strengh its who has best connection, the event


Nah, its just who will keep spending cans for the 2 gas per hit to keep taking it back.

One of the more blatant screw-yous that they’ve gotten fond of recently. Not the first shady crap they’ve pulled (been way greasy since the start), but is pretty lame.


Get mansion and you win/lose OR spend coins to insta simply a thinly veiled cash grab scheme they know it’s op


You win if the other team doesn’t demolish you while you have it


I still say go back to the basics with towers already so being cute with it just do 30% att, def and hp pretty simple 1st towers ever where by far the best


My faction faced two lower ranked factions who got the tower b4 us and we still won anyway lol.


Because they’re lower ranked factions lol


If there real low you should all beat them no problem


LOL i’m just saying getting the tower doesn’t mean an automatic win.They had pretty decent teams too.


It’s obviously an attempted money grab by s.c.a.m.e.l.y, but from my experience it ain’t working. It doesn’t promote longer wars where coins and fills might be spent.


Why does the Mansion have 100% attack for the fac on it @JB.Scopely?


Because it becomes a quick hit and run win for whoever gets it almost forcing anyone to spend coins, this war is the most ive seen people spend coins in my region it’s fucking annoying whoever has the most coins wins


I’ll bet you more regions don’t coin a pointless repair.


You’d be surprised lol last war a couple weeks ago this happened towards the end the top 2 faction all instad because they didnt want to lose pride


stop 100% attack op! that’s anti gaming!


Depends on the region I guess. We are second in our region, if we face top faction and they get Mansion we won’t repair. If we face a lower faction and they get Mansion we might need one person to repair. Seems a futile money making tactic.


I’ve seen tons of coining…especially from higher facs when the lower fac gets the tower…


It’s honestly pretty assanine. It lets a lesser faction maybe get ahead for five minutes but they know after those five minutes are up they will lose it and won’t coin back. And if higher factions gets it forget about it. It’s a pretty terrible decision either way


Worst war ever. Just advertise a race to the Mansion, and let the wars be 5 mins. So stupid. No defense can stand up to modded 6* cards with enhanced weapons, plus 100% boost. Stupidest tower idea EVER!