Stop this s20 hackers



This is how they are still cheating please stop it many guys dont like this game anymore cuz of this shit cheaters

check event time its almost 15 mins started raid it possible in 15 mins 40 wins? Let me know


In before excuses come pouring in.


Dwight 4 konrads or alphas…easy


Who has dwight and 4 konrads?


Yes it’s possible.


ahah yeah these guys were in white region for a short time they arent hackers they are “gamers” . All of their faction mates have 4 or more alphas with perfect weapons. stun on shield jesus and magna really fun to compete against. Good luck scopely wont do shit


Still killing people fast even modded out teams maybe but I get long load times during raid tournaments have to account for stuff like that so possible be unlikely for most players.


Ofcourse this is possible with the right teams… you can auto attack and win in 10 seconds with right mods, weapons and toons


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