Stop This please

The “onslaught” event is very bad And it doesn’t make much sense, in fact it was much better the previous one than this
And let’s not talk about rewards or prizes. Just bad. It’s better hordes.

I’d take hordes over this I wanna get rid of them ■■■■■■■ gas cans.

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you on something? Thanks to onslaught i almost have raulito and lapo. The new milestones are great for getting s class prices. All you need to do is fight and bam you get your milestones you don’t need to win the battle just win the fight. The possible amount of s class items are around 1400 after you do all milestones.


Onslaught is a lot of fun and a perfect faction event during the work week. Rewards are disappointing, but the milestones more than make up for it.

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Milestones are good.All I can suggest for some folks find a better faction to meet these milestones and if they can’t help then they’re not really playing well enough.
Everyone has to do their part.

This new onslaught is much better, rewards are absent but it’s one of most generous ways to get collectables right now.

Milestones are good?
Assuming 1 match per hour u can’t get 1000 wins in 28 hours

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Yes you can if everyone in your faction is participating. We had it half way through the event last time

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