Stop this new level up milestone and rank # right now


Agreed it’s nice to get some SR cans but gear and benedicts a huge issue for alot atm my main account I have 40 Benedicts but my B struggles for them and both my accounts are so low on gear I’m using 1000s of coin refreshing League store items just to keep levelling!


My issue with gear is its always rng. They can give us 3 bags and I’ll get all tripods. Atm I am low on 2 certain types of gears. And through fac ass event and event gear bags I am still low. If the gear offered was let’s say 3x gauntlets one level up then 3x dummies. I might be more for gear however they have only just done a few tournaments with different prize structure doesn’t mean it’s forever. And op coming here and stating it’s to be changed right now isn’t gonna make anyone from scopes even come to the thread let alone read anyone’s remarks.
I would have no issues with rewards being mixed between what was before and what it is now. This allows us to maybe go further in events we couldn’t before. The other way is more geared towards ascension and leveling. Why not give us both? It doesn’t have to be only 1 way.


They will give us gear once people stop paying for it. It’s that simple.

Refrain from leveling up useless toons just for points and wasting what gear you have left.


The recent change in rewards is a good thing when u fight for the same thing it gets boring why would you get mad about change?


Quit complaining


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