Stop this new level up milestone and rank # right now


Unfortunately there are people on here who are so entitled and selfish they think that what they want and need is all that matters…give it to them right now!


Unfortunately some people don’t understand the need to keep all players happy and have them progress otherwise they will quit. So a person who scored 2 million and came in 110th place is entitled?


Ikr they need to go back to top 100 milestones this is total bs they changed it to top50


Your always so hurtful when you speak of me.


Huh? .I am talking about the op demanding that thsee rewards are stupid and must be stopped right now!..I agree every player needs things to progress which is why offering different rewards is benifical. Not sure what your talking about


You like it


Fact. 77


I just pictured you breaking out in the dance from original willy Wonka of the spoiled chick singing “I want it now”


no these milestones are beautiful


Say whaaaat? Did you strike out on the winter wheel?

I’m the opposite, tons of solid toons to ascend but not enough medals and trainers because I have a bunch of new 6* to level too. I have a 2nd violet 5* T2 that I might ascend and Dante #3 that will never be ascended.


I didnt get a single pull from the winter wheel and came back to late to claim Solange with only 32 snowballs at the end.


That’s rough, sorry bud. Winter token was a pretty great event for most of my faction


They are certain :smirk:

You really are a meme now :hugs:


I just don’t understand how people can post comments like this. Always so negative, their is no need to be so disrespectful. A game should be challenging and not just go your way all the time. Instead of writing posts like this you should just simply ask for what you would like them to add.


I have 60 bennies lol been using 5 stars dupes no point keeping them , f2p here too


Because a couple of Gascans at 500k is going to help someone at that level huh?


First time with scopely?


Milestones need lowered or the points for a six star need adjusted. I don’t know how people meet the 2m every time :man_shrugging:



They are providing a lot of trainers elsewhere. I am OK with having mixed rewards to help with all aspects of the game. I also liked getting Sr cans from an event as well since Sr has always been behind a pay wall