Stop this new level up milestone and rank # right now

This new milestone format is stupid. I do not want to complete milestones for cans I can buy in my Depot. Why have you removed Benedict from level up milestones? We need him or else shit like this happens
And it’s nice that you’re making this collection free for all in level ups but that doesn’t mean medals should dictate the prize structure. Where’s the 5* tokens with chances at ascendables?
Thank you for including the legendary medals we need them but in doing so you’re taking away other things me need like Benedict and more 5*s.
who decides these things and how do they not see these problems? Are we gonna be stuck a whole month with this kinda level up? Pretty soon level up will wither and die just like other events. We hated the level ups initially and then it became acceptable and now you tinkered with something that wasn’t broken. Smh. SMFH


Everyone is at different stages and needing different resources. No way to please everyone so they have to diversify it, like they are. Which is nice. Push in tournaments that have resources you need and ignore the others


I think a bit of both is fine. We get plenty of levelups to justify swapping milestones around every tournament. Benedicts on the first levelup, Medals on the second. Something like that.


So happy with the free raid cans​:grinning::grinning:


Because, prices go up when people like spending



I’m sure telling them to “stop right now!” Will make it haopen lol good luck. Do people in this game not realize everyone needs different things and that making rewards have different rewards and milestones is so much better then having the same boring thing over and over? I could easily say I have a ton of medals and benidcts and I prefer raid cans to help with raid events. Getting 5 raid cans a month from a depot isn’t enough for the 4 or so raid events given. Diversity keeps things interesting and keeps from having supplies of items run out. I have 50+ benidcts and tons of dupes but I don’t come running here saying you must stop right now I want cans…


The sr cans were amazing form the raid tourney. If you need more fodder, just ascend some four stars.


When you only care about yourself, you only care about what you need.

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I need raid cans. My supply went from 200 to 30 after leagues was introduced, and even more so recently with a war having been skipped (a reliable raid can source for me). Very happy with that. I have bennys coming out of my ears.

Try to be more selective on the toons you ascend… are you really going to use Dwight? Ascending toons just for the sake of ascending toons might be the reason why you need more benedicts.


They wouldn’t need to put raid cans as milestone rewards if they just dropped in raids.


Raid cans, or any cans are not the issue here. Main focus should be getting rid of that restrictive prize bracket from 150-51. Split it up and up the amounts or it’s essentially a non-prize

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I like the cans

This right here. Proper resource management is a big part of this game.

and i will ask WHERE ARE REWARDS FOR 100-10? new reward system is plain stupid


Leg medals is nice but gear and trainer’s make more sense as rewards as that’s what u need to levelup more is it coincidence that we getting cans as rewards now people need levelup fodder to earn themselves a Eric Revive

Could it be that scopely wanna push up sales of trainer offers…

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I have about 20 bennys, I need toons to ascend right now.

The rank change is easy to explain as soon as the medals hit the shop.

Unfortunately there are people on here who are so entitled and selfish they think that what they want and need is all that matters…give it to them right now!