Stop the Territory Events

Territory events are the worst events in the game, by far.

First, the whole mode is completely broken. It crashes all the time. This is not so much an issue for daily territory stuff, but for an event this is an absolute no-go. If the game crashes in contest mode, you’ve just lost - the faction you’re in contest with just received a free five minute shield. Not because you did anything wrong, simply because the mode is buggy as hell and decided to crash on you, quite possibly after you spent hours of your time, and massive amounts of resources, for absolutely nothing. For a mode that’s supposed to be a competitive event, this is an absolute disgrace; it really beggars belief. You promised us a “high quality experience” and a “gameplay experience as smooth as possible”. Territories will never be that, unless you invent much much more development time into it than is reasonable. Keep this promise, and do what you do with other events that do not work.

Second, of all the events with unbalanced reward structures, this is by far the worst. Top faction takes 2-3, second faction another 1-2, and for everyone else in the region there is literally nothing to do. Onslaught has better rewards even if you exclude milestones, which is staggering because that structure is all about the milestones and the rewards are almost nothing. And this is because the territory rewards are nothing. In an active region, for 80 percent of your player base, territory events are like not having an event, only worse. It’s not fun. It’s not rewarding. It’s not a good experience, and leads to nothing but bad blood and grief. You are driving people from your game, and the whales need their krill to sustain them.

Stop breaking your promises. Stop the madness. Stop the territory events.


No territory, yes to Onslaught


They could open up 10 terros with all decent rewards… top factions couldn’t possibly hold all of them and everyone that was willing to put in work should get some reward. People may enjoy this tho so Scopely won’t be doing it. :man_shrugging:


we could if we try…



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Of course they can. That’s how stratified this game is.

And even then, the technical issues are a show-stopper. First bead event, I spent hours and at least 20 cans to clear the top faction from their least-well defended territory, and my team mates stacked it with defenses. We didn’t get it, because 7 out of 10 attacks in contest were crashes, and that gave the opponents a lot of free shields. [ETA] this broke my motivation to do pretty much anything in this game for weeks. What game would do this shit to their players?

@christopher yes, you could


6 good pete teams in each easy done

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The majority of regions has one whale faction and 1-2 second tier factions. They ain’t gonna control all 10 even if they are a bunch of greedy cunts. It will filter down to the mid factions


Onslaught gives no revenue for Scopely

Territories makes people burn cans, coin their toons back, etc so more revenue for Scopely

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While I agree that territory event shouldn’t be the only event on this entire weekend, the event is still worthwhile and could be ran better.

If your faction of 30 can’t organize on a Saturday to clear some walkers and stack it deep, then you might want to move to a different faction imo. There’s no way the top faction should be able to clear walkers in 3 of the territories.


Wasn’t the screens floating around of factions doing just that last time? (Holding all of them )

There were factions who held 6. But it was only at the end for red velvet cakes. So there were factions earning collectible.

Better idea: Kick the faction out of the territory after a set amount of time they held it (ex: the top faction holds a territory for 5 hours, the game kicks them out and puts a cooldown on them so they can’t get it right back, giving others a chance).


Clear no, but take yes. Then stack them 90k with war defenses. Last event #1 held 3 almost all the time. We (#2) tried to take 1 from them but they kept refreshing and coining back and we ended up burning a lot of cans for nothing. We managed to take 2 from them last few minutes when they were taking 600damage.


And they will voluntarily abandon territory at 4h59m and retake.


Timezones. We’re spread out and have a mix of very active and casual members, like most mid-tier factions.

Plus, even if it works, there’s no way we can stack the territories deep enough, they’d be gone in half an hour at best.

@Karl_Vella exactly; for the most part there is no reason to even try, except maybe to attack and force them to refresh just because. Complete waste of an event.


Onslaught should be once every 2 weeks in my opinion


dont you want 800 items?? for s class vs few per hour on terrshits


Agree. Alternating every weekend with War. Onslaught gives all active factions the possibility to get some items towards claiming an S toon. Territory is just for #1-3 faction


Then just put the cooldown on them if they lose it/abandon it.