Stop the same toon from being on 1 team

Limit 1 toon per team

Won’t happen.

People have been moaning about this since the game introduced the supply depot and multi-Andrea teams became a thing.

If someone is luck/unlucky/stupid enough to pull the same premier toon twice, is it fair to begrudge them using both in the same team? Probably not.

I assume this is in relation to a particular combination which is frustrating you currently? Double Erika’s? A team of Shivas? Every team has a counter that will beat it.


Double erika team with no tye is hard to beat and with stun guns and impair weapon behind them

the only toon they release to stop Erika and many dont have him

Yeah, agree you need him but he isn’t vital. You just need a team that can kill one Erika and keep the other stunned/confused/impaired until they die. Yes, easier said than done.

Ty is available in the depot still, right? He’s been around much longer than Erika - most people’s first six star. I’m surprised if people don’t have him tbh

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They need to release more toon with that skill or stop the double toon per team

No 7chars

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??? @Twisty

It’s been like this since the start why would they change this now? When I started playing the #1 guy had multiple andreas and I didn’t even have 1 5 star


Hope and pray they change it

Well, well, well… Looks like another member of the community agrees with me. I made a similar post about this a few days ago. :joy:

They can’t change it, it’ll never happen.

Can you imagine the people who spent hundreds or even thousands of £$ trying for multiple Erika’s, only to be told they can’t use then, Google & Apple would have to refund probably 100’s of thousands of dollars.


I play other games that dont allow the same character to be on the same team cause it cause the team to be more over power

Dont care no one told them to pull for them countless times

Check this out stop crying and utilize your characters you do have better. All you gotta do is stun or confuse or impair her and youll be golden. Tyrese is not the only toon that can “stop” her as you say. I dont even use tyrese and one, two or three erikas wont stop me from murdering any team. Whats that quote they say on here? Oh yeah…Git good!

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Then stop crying @ not being good enough.


Almost everybody has tye. What is you talmbout

Am good enough

And Dwight… too many hard hitting blues to think ericka is op.