Stop the 76ap maddness

Let’s please get back to what defense teams use to be about and stop all these 76ap toons it’s just too slow. Huge weapon and huge leaderskills we can easily have round 2 adrenaline rushes happening if these six stars was 56ap. That is maybe the biggest reason why I do not like to pull for characters. If scopely wants to continue to have 76ap characters at least have that for existing characters that are meant to be Ascendable at some point but I for one wants defense teams to be great again!

45/56 AP with devastating effects were one of the downfalls of the game in the beginning IMO. It essentially made the game focus around offense, restricting the number of good team synergies.


AR speeds are fine as they are. They don’t need changing.


76 ap toons are needed so that scopely can put out premier toons that have 45ap and break the balance of f2p and p2p. Its all about money not the players enjoyment

6* with 76ap is good IMO …
specially for those who have very strong ar !!

In fact … I think Shiva should be 76 ap too …

and no 6* should have less than 58 ap … enough with overpower, if they have fast ap, the game will unbalance again !!

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If you look at Yvette and Erika, you’ll see that its not about balance. I considered rolling for Yvette for her bonus hp. Glad I didn’t. A couple weeks later and Erika comes out. Shes basically a buffed up Yvette. Erika is, in my opinion, the most over powered 6* out there. Its not about balance. Its a pure money grab. I give it 3 months before 45ap starts to come around. Probably around the time the earnings statements out


I mean do you guys honestly believe that six Stars was about bringing balance in the game…like seriously


We also already have 58ap toons so it’s not like it’s not happening already just missing that huge AP when attacking leaderskill for either range or melee and just simply add a 8% bonus AP weapon and boom(don’t forget huge AP on your weapons)

I don’t miss turn 2 defenses at all.

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I’m fine with faster rushes, as long as they are proportionally weaker compared to slower ones. That and control effects should never come on rushes faster then 66 again.


Scopely lauguage is money it’s going to happen

Great statement but do you then feel like active skills ruined team strategy? Round 2 I can stun ,confuse, taunt, impair, and whatever else I want basically killing any strategy the maker of that team had in place. At least with faster adrenaline rushes from six stars you would have to then be picky depending on the line up on who to take on first if it all makes sense?

I’ve only played around with Shiva’s active skill, so I haven’t really thought about it much. Certain skills are certainly more impactful than others, so it really depends on the specific active skill in terms of its effectiveness of quality or quantity.

That said, the one consistent thing between active skills is that it does no damage and gain no AP from that damage done. (So far, and maybe initial cooldown, need to check that.) Depending on the team set-up, using an active skill may or may not be a strategic choice. So if I have a team that focuses heavily on AP bonuses and using their AR, getting AP from a regular attack may be more useful than actually using an active skill. There are other active skills that can counter other active skills too, so I think active skills are in a pretty balanced place right now.

The problem with the fast AP meta in the past(and still currently), is that whichever team was able to get their AP quicker could effectively end the battle faster by killing the enemy team. What sets active skills apart is that it’s more about stalling or helping your team overcome an obstacle in front of the problem, rather than just eliminating the problem entirely.

Eg: I could stun someone with Shiva on turn 2 for 2 turns, but that problem is still there if I don’t deal with it. If I was able to kill someone with Shiva’s AR on turn 2, I wouldn’t have to worry about that enemy after that. Of course, then there’s the possibility of having a reviver on the enemy team, but you get the jist of how active skills are more about “situational moment” action whereas ARs are more of a “universal moment” action.

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Until they drop to 56 ap, we wont see anything but beefy lead defense teams. It makes not sense to use a huge ap lead if you can go off on the same turn regardless.

Wait til they release 6s shields as we all know they will when they need a spending bump. These slow rushes will be extremely limiting.


if you dont like 76ap use a 5* baby to easy

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Doesn’t help your defense is the issue

6* with [45-56] ar cost will surely be pushed out and maybe sooner than we expect. My only hope is that they stick to what they said early about it. If a 6* is a 45er u wont expect that its ar will be devastating in damage or effects caused.

Imo healers should be 45ers (regular healers not the ones with hp bonus) - any controlling effect should never be included in those ars such as stuns/confuse … maybe impairs at best.

Imo scopely is now playing the balance field in terms of toons with better expertise than what we saw in the 5* meta.

I cant believe I just gave scopley credit!!!

Idk … they also said they won’t sell 6* toons but look at where we are now… hope they keep their words


Scopely already mentioned to release 6* with ap56 in the future. and the more chars they will release, the more likely a char combination is possible, that allows very fast win/ control of matches. The topic is to complex with the variety of chars (rush, ability, ls, …) and weapons. It is simply not possible to know all consequences of new combinations.
It’s like when they released the ap weapons. I think they did not think about the consequences, until they saw the outcome with the ultimate attack teams. It was just a combination of chars that were already available and the new features.
Lets wait some month and the more chars with low ap we will get, the more likely we will see very powerful combinations. The only question will be, how robust are these teams, when facing defense teams with only stun/ ad, … weapons.