Stop the 24 hour events

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the concept of being able to get rewards every 24 hours. But I want legendary gear and it’s not going to happen in a 24 hour level up. I want Benedict and lillith but it won’t happen in a 24 hour survival road. I want ascendance medals but it’s not going to happen if you don’t make them available. Blitz war is really the only event that can justifiably be 24 hours with the milestones you put in place. They don’t have to be every other day. Back to back is fine. It gives us a chance to get the T3 gear at least. But stop giving us a reason to skip participating in events. Especially on the weekends.


Raids could work in 24 hours if they restructure the rewards like they do for a blitz war vs a regular war.

Asking anyone to have to use cans to complete an event like sr in 24 hours is a complete joke. Stop trying to bleed everyone out of their last cent. Give out rewards that reward our time. How you can not see or acknowledge this is beyond me. How you are unwilling to meet your players halfway on anything is just plain bad business. Want to make more money? It’s really simple. Keep your player base happy and offer them deals with value at decent prices. It’s not rocket science guys.


What annoys me the most is the fact that not only is it a (less than) 24 hour but the milestones have the badges we need. Like comeon…


Perfectly fine if they just drop the milestone values for them

I guess that’s a good point. If the milestones were adjusted to meet a 24 hour event then yes, keep them. Like that ONE raid event that they cut the milestones in half.

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There is no profit potential in lowering the milestones.

If you look at it face value, but lowering milestones makes more players inclined to try for them, meaning more competition, meaning more would buy cans (in theory) to stay Top 10, maybe even Top 100. This of course would have to be paired with good prizes, but it starts with making the milestones seem possible. Tiny acorns


Well…when the blitz started like in my case in middle Eu , it was night, so I was sleeping , and since its in the middle of the week , I guess others just like me are working…
I don’t think all the players are kids who have so much free time it dosent effect them that much. And of corse the worktime end 1 hour after the event do.
Its not like I cant do without playing in the event , but its freakin sad, why the 24 h ? at least make it a freakin 48h so everyone has a chance to participate.

Sorry, I should have phrased it better. When you have a Legendary Milestone for badges in a 24 hour, then it strictly becomes a money/can grab.


Keep the 24 hour events, drop the 17 hour events which start just after I go to sleep and end just before i get home from work! Less than 24 hours disadvantages someone!!!

How about getting rid of the repetitive tournaments and create better ones that will grab everyones attention. I will come out with a thread for that soon.

I love 24 hr events personally but they need to lower the milestones when they do them. It makes no sense to have the same milestones in a 24 hr event and a 3 day event.


All 24 hour es should be solo imo.

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I agree with that.