Stop spending - stop hacking


Situation with making gold on scavenger post 15000 in 9 hours is outrageous. Stop spending on game . Maybe than scopely do something about it.


@LadyGeek (just tagging as someone mentioned you) :slight_smile:


I gotchya, seen it in action


What?! Nooooo and you want that to be on record here? I think not!! Scopely will shut that ish down!!


Stop spending, start hacking * ( just kidding don’t ban me)


15,000 in 9 hours? that’s very slow … surely he’s new hacking


Indeed, from what I saw they are doing it a lot faster

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this can be done easy with some 6* characters…


Who is lady geek

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One of the newest members of the Justice League. Glad to have her on the team.


What is her special power? Hereditary all team member have power of erasing memory with silence and ban hammer, she must have something additional. Maybe flood ability?

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She has the ability to create a protective barrier around herself, allies, and people around her. Uses an enchanted bow, and has telekinesis. Lol idk :joy:

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