Stop releasing premier 6* ! There is to many legacy 5* to pick from


its just a joke that having that many legacy 5* your company keeps releasing premier after premier after premier 6* I refuse to spent money on your game anymore, but I do have a really big stack of legacy 5* product of wasting my money to get your epic characters for the last 2 years right before you make them useless before buffing 6*, so for f sake stop with the premiers when you have over 200 5* to choose from!!!


Preach it Brother!


First scopely’s rule "if it doesn’t make money, it isn’t needed"
Keep surviving!


They could still make money on the rarer ones, which makes it confusing. Green Aaron is on the list, and only about 6 or 7 people in each region have him. Release them already


I think when we were told those toons were being released into early 2018, the definition of that time frame wasn’t what we thought it was. Maybe early 2018 means until March or April, rather than January


But hey, we’ll get a brand new premier 6* each Friday!


It’s been suggested a few times to simply release one premier ascendable toon and one existing toon per week. I realize it’s alla bout the money with Scopely. I just think they can offer better promotions.

72 hours = new premier promo
72 hours = existing toon promo
24 hours = ascendable stash - stash is full of trainers, 4 stars and 5 star tokens. Fully purchased stash results in a random pull from wheel of every existing ascendable

I just can’t see spending money on a new, non-ascendable toon. Maybe Scopely’s revenue says otherwise. I’ve been done spending on big packages. If I am guaranteed an ascendable, even with the risk,of getting a dupe or one I don’t want, I’d seriously consider spending again


Lol, why would they ever create more value for something people already paid them for?

This scummy company are some of the greediest of bastards I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with in all my gaming (not just mobile, but the worst offenders are certainly in that space)

If you EVER want anything from $$$coply, frame your argument around how that can manipulate people into spending more and more.

The whole ‘it makes your game better so you’ll make more… somehow’ is NOT an argument they ever bought into, or would ever think about lifting a finger for.

They literally shit on their biggest spenders because they thought they could get better spenders. If that doesn’t show you how greedy they are, I don’t know what will.