Stop releasing direct counters to characters

Toon like axel made mercer completely useless, ppl spent thousands for mercer, they should at least make him recover stun by his active, u defo just making ppl upset therefor more ppl will quit if u keep releasing a direct counter to every toon, that’s actually a mistake cus ppl will be discouraged to pull cus they know it will always be a counter to them by the time it gonna be useless


Or it will make the same people who spent thousands on mercer spend thousands on counter toons.

It’s the endless cycle of this game


That is the standard freemium model, but the implementation of direct counters works in the case of Axel vs Mercer as it promotes diversification of teams/meta.

As more players start to use Axel, more players will move away from using Mercer. They will switch to characters like Jackie or Imani to help control the enemy on turn 1. The diversification of teams will also mean that Axel will become less used when Mercer becomes less used. When Mercers are less used, players also have more options in picking different style leads as the common “Mercer lead to counter enemy Mercer/Jacki lead” tactic will be an unnecessary tactic going forward.

IMO, the end-game meta should be fluid, moving between different metas but never stagnant in one spot for too long.


A lot of these direct counter toons seem kinda lazy. Makes winning easy, some of the fun is finding creative ways to beat teams.


That what I said if u paid more attention, but u forget the part when ppl get tired of constant op characters release even top players in this game gets drained, I know many high end players that quit bc of this

Axel is a direct counter to Imani too . look at his AS

Depends on offense or defense. On offense, Imani can use her active, but Axel won’t be able to cleanse it until the impair runs out. Doesn’t work as well on defense however.

But you’re also forgetting that Axel’s active can be countered via taunt, confuse, daze, etc. It’s possible to control Axel that way, outside of lead skills.

I would also like to see some depth come to combat. I haven’t really seen a need for technical teams since the beginning of S class era. The vast majority of teams I fight fall into one of 3 categories. They are 5 of the free toons (Kapoor, Cristina, Erin, etc),or they are a mercer lead with princess, priya, Pete, and doc (probably from that giveaway box), or they are a double trader team with frost and Pete.

I like war, but you get a few matches in a row where 6/8 or more of the enemy runs a team in this category and its like… can I please have something other than vanilla ice cream?


Attack while impaired is a direct counter to imani :wink:

Very rarely do you see a variation, same setups, same weapons, only difference is mods

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#Toons shouldn’t be made worthless

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I think the exact opposite hard counters to some toons will make more variations of teams around those toons to be useful and with mercer being less useful other toons will be such as Pete, raulito, laopo and Jacki instead of just mercer teams all of the place because they are the meta.

Pretty much. Many people focus on the fact that new releases are a counter to existing toons, but not how new releases can also make existing toons more relevant.

Trader/Mateo both made Pete/Wangfa and cleanse characters more useful. Axel made Laopo more useful with his active. Players should want new releases that help expand on new and existing strategies, rather than just moving everything into one same direction, which forces players to build the same cookie cutter defenses/team set-up simply to counter the meta.


Yh, but isn’t this annoying when they will keep releasing counters to every toon u get, literally every toon will become useless

sometime six months from now when everyone has forgotten about infection, someone will use a double trader and a double Mateo team and just clean house.


Scopely made the problem and sell the solution.


This is their entire model. Not going to happen.

So let me get this straight…

Scopely releases an ‘OP’ toon and people cry that the toon is too OP.
Scopely then releases a counter to that OP toon and now people are complaining that they shouldn’t release counters?

This game is mostly RNG so counters or not you are not guaranteed a win in any situation.


Exactly just this Mod is enough

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