Stop it Stop it Stop it. You are really annoying the hell out of me

For the love of god stop making the crap you are trying to make us buy pop up over the top of everything every bloody screen click.

I know the trader or any of the multitude of other S Class you are pumping out weekly are on offer (funny you can do artwork etc for these in a few days but when we wee all asking for legacy ascendables it took weeks to do them apparently) , i dont need you to put up the splash screen and trake me to the pulling screen everytime i do something in the game.

I know you have grenades for sale for th eprice of a spline thats why im not buying them, doesnt matter if you shove these shitty offers in my face a 1000 times im not gonna buy them your just pissing me off

and even more so when war is on stop it even more, whats that 1 second till war starts and you wanna capture it, nah look at S class recruits instead

Stop it stop it stop it ■■■■■■■ stop it grrrr


I was actually gonna post this yesterday lol…i don’t care for those quick money grab events but i dont need to be reminded of battle pass or another toon that i cant afford is coming out every time i open the game…some of us just don’t fukn care lol


once or twice is ok but not every time you change screens or coem on the game grrrr


I’m surprised we don’t see more posts like this everyday haha


All it does is put me totally off the game knowing they value the £ more than the player, ps I did it cancelled Sc 100% F2P :muscle:


While those little pop-up windows are extremely annoying it beats some of the other games that you have to watch a video. I would much rather have a little pop-up window then having to sit through a 15 to 30 second video any day of the week. The price you Pay for a free game

When i read this topic title i was immediately reminded of Sojiro from Rurouni Kenshin lol

Yeah right those games get deleted in a Flash🤗


Maybe in the next update they’ll finally make unchecking this box mean something. Smh.


100% agree I keep checking to see if my pop ups are turned off and surprise surprise they are maybe making an option to tune all pop ups off or make it more diverse.

They are a business after all… why complain about something this minor? Most mobile games are wayyy worse.

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Because they never used to do this and it’s every time you go in and out of the game. Once a day would be enough we don’t need to keep seeing the same offer over and over again.


I remember the beautiful times back before this game even had offers even at all. Now it’s a spending simulator. I can have at least 650 dollars worth of offers in a single day. That’s absolutly ridiculous

The company has to make up of what they lost during the lockdown :grimacing:. Just kiddin, time to irrelevant my post now :joy::joy::joy:

Really? How utterly unfathomable

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