Stop Giving Us Poor Rewards

As a long time player of the game who has been around for the majority of this game I would like to highlight again how poor war tokens are. To me it’s the worse war rewards have been in a very long time and I know many of us are only warring now to keep a good placement in leagues. This needs to change pretty quickly as war is the main event in this game by a mile. Once every 2 weeks to fight for a random outdated ascendable is just horrible. Some of us spend quite a bit every war on repairs & cans so I feel the rewards should reflect that better.

My suggestion is to bring back set character rewards like it used to be and still have the war token wheel for lower placement factions, but they get a pull.

War structure I think would be good

Top 2 - New/recent released 6*. Usable in current meta
3rd/4th - 5* version of same toon as top2
5th-8th - Toon still usable in current meta (released within the last month)
9th-15th - 5* version of 5-8th toon
16th-30th - 1500 war tokens
31st-50th -1000 war tokens

This is just an idea of a structure. Very rough and not too much thought has been put into it. Maybe another way to get S class?

Leave your suggestions in the comments. Things need to change!


Would love to see that, great reward structure and rewards really worth the effort, maybe some war tokens in the milestones?


Or a crate with 6* for top 1 and 2, gen 2 toons. F2P needs gen 2 toons to compete against s class toons. 3-10th place ascendable gen 2 crate. The rest gen 1 mixed 6* & 5* toons that are still usable.

If that happens F2P is over.

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That was similiar to the prize structure when CRW first came out. I remember getting siddiq from CRW. Wish they’d go back to that.

It won’t be, we will just continue getting poor rewards while top facs flash even more new shiny toons in our faces lol

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15 months ago…


And that was before 16 regions

Yep. Community have been asking for better rewards for a long time. We need new toons because it gets boring too quickly. Rng war wheels are :poop:


All good I like it, but for me unless your in the top 3 factions in a region with this bull 15-16 region CRW we,re still not getting nothing☹️

Another problem is most tewards go to top 40-50 factions. below that we get nothing that benefits. everyone keeps saying our regions need more active factions. But when war comes all us lower factions get paired almost exclusively with very top. We get creamed then get no rewards for our efforts. So most of the lower factions don’t bother trying. there is no rewards to compensate our time and money spent.


I really don’t understand why they so stingy on war wheels. It’s not like the players who miss out on pulls are going to spend money. Stupid.

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It’s the entire rewards system.
From the crates

To the milestones (rewards/amount needed)
((200,000 is way to much for this meta))

The war wheel rewards.
(People wait months at a time for a single pull for trash toons that are irrelevant to the new meta)


Scopley doesn’t want f2p or casual spenders in game. So they try to starve them out.


Damn. I’m a casual spender lol. Guess I’m out :joy::joy::joy:

This CRW group 1 factions have another opportunity to stick it to Scopely. Scopely revenue went down so they paired top spender factions together, hoping to make up for lost revenue. I know that war is the only fun part of the game, but they can sacrifice this CRW for the greater good and avoid endless coin wars, which ultimately is Scopely goal. Im sure they dont need anyone from the war wheel. Ball is in your court now. You decide the outcome


I would also add that milestones should include war tokens - that way anyone who finishes bleow 50th or any grinders at the top can also potentially scrape away another pull for warring a lot


Its true though. Im casual spender as well. Unless you happen to be in a regions top 3 factions, which im not, you will never make progress. im worse off now than i was 3 yrs ago.


Too bad they won’t though

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Been saying that for over a year. It is the only way how an active person will stay in a mid level faction.