Stop giving us lvl up after lvl up


Why give us a 3 day solo lvl up this weekend if youre gonna give us another 2 day solo lvl up right after? Thats 5 days of solo lvl up!!! Give us a blitz war instead


@kalishane the constant flow of level ups wouldn’t be so bad if we at least had the gear available to actually compete and hit milestones during an event where we NEED to hit milestones

Taking away the gear maps lessens our ability to do so tenfold :frowning:


What we need is a dual solo level up. I can’t get enough of them.



Don’t participate if you don’t like it! Such an easy way to get necklaces and in turn GPS! The complaints on here are insane :exploding_head:


Don’t participate is your solution when we need the necklaces for gear? But we can’t compete due to lack of all other gear? I don’t get that logic. If the necklace event wasn’t on I’d agree 100% on don’t like it don’t participate.


The 2 million milestone is ridiculous to expect to hit 3 times in one week span with gear being at a complete bottle neck. Surely you can agree that asking 6 million points out of one person (then another 2 million for the faction in one day) is a bit absurd given the state of gear and toons


Completely agree - whilst i’d rather have something other than “Yet Another Fcking Level Up” (offical name in my region) its the gear lock that causes the most issue


Yes! Instead of cancelling the event for everyone and having nothing at all, take time to lvlup what you can and then stop, or skip a lvlup and save for the next one, either way some people have the gear and are constantly leveling up their characters so having consistent lvlups is helpful.


I find it absurd that people think the 2mil milestone is worth going for anyways. That’s why I don’t go for them.


Only reason to make an effort is the necklace, other wise unless I am trying for a certain place, I ignore the milestones over 500K


Given the long duration of this event, there should be plenty of opportunities to still get plenty of necklaces.


For those that want to claim all pieces? That is A LOT of necklaces


Going for all pieces based on necklaces is essentially the same idea of hitting 2Mil milestone for a whetstone. To each player, that can be subjectively important or not.


I can support that sentiment


Use the necklaces to buy you have won already to buy t4 gear and get a few toons to t4… level those to reach 2 million. Should be doable.


I lowkey want as many level ups as possible during this lucas event. the more necklaces the better.


100% agree!! I have so many characters at T4 lvl 1


I would like some other TOONS available, its getting tiresome maxing out dupe epics only because SLU…
Other than that, frequent levelups are fine.

Update the wheels and the playerbase will love all levelups.


I don’t mind levelling dupes apart from the wasted gear - all fancy benedicts anyways.
For me and several in my region it remains how many level ups we get and the gear lock which causes issues.


Well I didnt mind really, but i´ve gotten bored of it lately. I even ascended two yellows just to have something useful to level…