Stop Complain Please!


they keep war regardless transfer issue … people complain
they cancel war because of transfer issue … people complain
they canceled war because update … people complain
they set ads limitation … people complain
they have too much lv up … people compain
they never release legacy ascendable toon … people compain
they add too much new promo … people compain
they have too much premium event … people complain
they give free 6* toons in 3 years anniversary event … people compain
they nerf some legacy ascendable toon … people complain
some people defending scopely … some other people complain

there are too much player around the world and scopely just can´t satisfy everyone
f2p or p2p or p2w … whatever or whoever are !!

I am f2p player as well, playing the game since day 1, actually in top 4 of the region …
but come on, this is just a game, or tell me this is your life ??
Is scopely your son ? you BF/GF ? you mom/dad ? your job ? your source of income ?
It is just a entertainment !!
If you don´t like the game, don´t play, retire NOW !!
If you like the game, play it happily !!
or instead complain, make some good reasonable suggestion or new ideas !!
Do not let a simple game ruin your life, your friendship, your emotion, YOU !!

Please stop, be mature ¡¡

Ok … I am sure someone will start complaining , just go ahead !!


Simple solution, if you don’t like the game then uninstall move on already.


War us still canceled though not fair to the people with lost accounts give us a roadmap or something scopley


You can tell who’s addicted to the game just by how much complaining they do. Yet they stick around no matter how often they threaten to quit.


Haha thats what I came here to say… he’s complaining too


Tekashi 6ix9ine :fire::fire:


yes and no !!

you know, sometime is just frustrating when you open the forum and see dozen of topic complaining … maybe one in a month topic saying " thank you Scopely "
80% Tag to JB Scopely is because some issue, angry, annoying … etc
18% Asking some update or other question
2% or maybe less than 2% saying Good Job or giving thank to him ( or Kalishane ) !!

do you really want this ??
So I just wrote my feeling here … not complaining !!
In fact, I was one of them … since 6* appear ( you can see in my name )
but … enough is enough !! more bad feeling is not helping my life … !!
that is all !!


If I remember correctly JB said they could move ur faction back to ur original region for war


@JB.Scopely Please Clarify this I might be wrong but I never heard you say this


thanks scopely for not replying back

thanks andrea and jb for not helping out

thanks scopely for letting my game crash and not letting me get back on it

thanks for explaining to sent support a message and not replying back

thanks for my money i have spent on this game

thanks for all the glitches and bugs and 3 monhts no war

thanks scopely you are great


Honestly its as simple as they deserve every comment and complaint they get for the endless bullshit and shady nonsense they pull. End of story.


Have you never interneted bro?

This is a forum. Everyone has the right to express their views regarding and issue.

Yes, no matter what’s decided, there will be opposing reactions.




You know you can change this with one simple step .
Stop reading and that’s it .


that is actually what I am going to do !!
much more simple !!
thx =)


You should change your forum ID… I’m guessing you’re complaining about Ascendance?.. just sayin :grinning::rofl:


I was … and that is true !!
and I can´t change my ID name, … I can´t even delete my own post … lol !!


actually i said thank you scopley when they give us 3 year token actually a very nice toon collection imp


I said this before and I’ll say it again. This is a Forums page, people complain, this is one of the best places (if not the best place) to get answers regarding your complaints, concerns, etc. And also, that ads limitation was definitely something people should complain about. That was total bs tbh.


Hey man we heard you like complaining so we started complaining about complaining so you can complain while you complain