Stop being so vague

@GR.Scopely can you tell us when war is? Is it only WOC? Is all waves? As well as what is going on with transfers? After WOC? When is that?


It will be taken to the “team” :roll_eyes:



Wait you except them to communicate? Lol


They need to work out the most effective and effecient way to rinse as much money as possible out of players during this critical period that is kerching$$$$ WOC.
hence the changes being made and lack of announcements while they are implementing the best strategy to do so.
E.G. war of champions schedule changed to coincide with the release of game changing toon…or two seeing as it could last more then one war🤑


They really should be a little more clear
I was gonna take off work the weekend of woc and I can’t ask for 2 weekends
I don’t wanna have the chance of taking the wrong one off

its weekend get a reply on monday means no war just shitie sr with shitie ice creams

Not just war. Extra teddies, whether princess cards will be collectible in future. Everything really.

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I think all other waves might be getting AOW.

That would make a change AOW👍

AOW for non WOC people? that would be a blessing

Could just be lazy writing on the part of scopes, qualifying crw/ crw for all regions, aow for new ones. Like it’s previously been.
I don’t think these idiots can change the quota and run both aow and crw together for the majority of regions without fkin it up .

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