Stop begging!... Read posts

Read posts, and as if past beggars pass… “Compensation, “” Give me for it.”… ohreneli already not only “Skopeli” but and we (players)…

Let them solve the problems of the game, and not" handouts " throw to us…

In any online game, “compensation for inconvenience in the game” - it’s natural, but only in this game so much whining… Stop whining, it’s time to wipe the snot… In game many will remain (this fact), but not to stay, “Skopeli” advertising game not makes - the first indicator decline of its (game)… We proceed from what we have: stop whining… them don’t care on us and the PC…

Stop spending in the game - it will be the best indicator…

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That Grammer makes me whine. Spelling Mistakes can happen to everyone, but its harder to find the correct parts of your sentences then the mistakes.

Also, is Negan spelled wrong on purpose?

Whilst I’m in agreement that this post is an abomination to all of mankind, we have to bear in mind that English might not be his first language!


God do not mention in the essay, in addition to English-speaking there are other languages of communication, if you have problems with communication, I can find you a psychiatrist…

give credit to the translation… :wink:

Богдан, “мои глаза от твоего текста плачут”… Что ты несёшь?.. Русскоязычный выродок… )) Вот урод…

Mine either… But I still manage to make myself understood, without causing brain aneurysms to the reader!

Надеюсь ты в курсе, что у тебя завышенная самооценка, тем самым можно сделать вывод, что подросток, живущий за деньги родителей… :wink: Улыбнись, тебя снимают… )

I have problems with YOUR ATTEMPTS of communication… And I also am of a different nationality.

Тогда зачем уделяете столь внимательное внимание к переводу?..

Whenever we’re trying to understand what people are trying to express.

Can you re type this in your native language so we can translate ourselves? Thank you for your attempt to convert it to English for us but it loses a lot of whatever point you are trying to express. It looks like you are saying we should stop complaining and asking for compensation. And I know that can’t be right.

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Ну, я уверен, на счёт твоей самооценки… )) что, что ты “старше” меня???.. Ты действительно “британская школа”… )) Ты сопляк, сидящий на шее у своих родителей, иначе ты бы в своем “образовании” переводил бы мои слова цельным текстом… :wink:
Я знаю Вас, я вас ненавижу… )

For the future: don’t play smart… your avatar says everything about you… “Superhero”!..))

Ну ладно…)) Уговорил… ))

Seria melhor focar no problema maior: Scopely

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Как бы - да… )