Stop adding more p2p things and remember there's f2p

You completely lost our gear map somehow and there’s a faction level up coming, lucky tokens are only available to p2p, etc…I think you guys got a big enough payout to not forget about the little people who helped


Im pretty sure they prefer to be called the vertically challenged tbh

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There’s still 90 days on the Lucky Tokens, may not be completely p2p. Since they have f2p ascendables in the wheel, they have to give f2p players a shot. If they don’t, and it’s only for p2p, I guarentee they’ll lose buyers.


Lol I’m not vertically challenged but I refuse to spend hundreds to get an ascendable toon…plus on top of that I can’t level up because of low limits on the necessary gear or they forget to put up the gear map.

Funny but totally not pc. For fun I looked it up and here is what I found.

“What is the correct terminology?
The correct terminology, when it comes to dwarfism, varies form country to country, between different cultures and even from person to person. The one thing that is agreed upon is that the word “midget” is considered HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to people with dwarfism. In the United States of America, such terms as Little People, LP, person of short stature or person with dwarfism are all acceptable. The term “dwarf” is accepted by most people with dwarfism. In other countries, People of Restricted Growth and Short Statured seem to be acceptable. The one thing that everyone can agree on is that most people would rather be referred to by their name than by a label. Wouldn’t you?”


Stonehenge. Classic.

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So how exactly are you helping them as you say if you aren’t giving them any money?

but I prefer the p2p aspect of this game






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Not sure why everybody is complaining about lack of gear. There is plenty here. :smiley:

All of that for the measly cost of 600 Euro (around 707 dollars).


Time bandits was such a great movie!

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Screw off deathops.

As a current F2P, I’m not complaining. Free Rick, Lucas, etc. Anyone willing to put in some time and energy can make do with what’s out there now. Sure I’d love a Koa or whatever other new toon is coming but it’s really not needed.

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Who needs f2p when they have players begging to buy something not even released yet.


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