Still working towards SR0

Well I’m still at it folks. I’m now down to SR42 for an original level 79, that’s 37 levels backwards. And for as long as I’m able I will continue . Btw it’s gotten pretty easy now. Still wonder what’s going to happen, will I make it or hit SR1?_! image|690x387_down this road backwards.

Guess you dont like free duct tape and Polishing kits

Rewards are the same for everyone. It’s a nice idea

Rewards depend on what difficulty you’re on.


My faction gets the same rewards and we are all at different levels.

Tapes are frequently in the legendary SR tiers

You get the same rewards, on the most part, once you reach a certain threshold. That threshold is where the max rewards are capped out at, which I think is around level 250. If you think that anyone in the bronze levels of SR are getting the same rewards as people in the legendary levels, you’re gravely mistaken.


I have a second account that’s at 230 now and still climbing. This other account I’m just messing with now