Still waiting on region moves news

I know waiting is one of things that scopley likes to make us do most but some response to when your going to open the doors and allow players to move would be really welcome.

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On the last update that I had from the team is that the region transfer may happen after WoC II and we will have more to communicate about them at that point.


Thank you for the response :+1: glad to have some kind of timeframe for it

Or you know, search the forums. I think think this gets asked every day


Maybe one day scopley will answer one of the threads


Or have information prepared? I doubt it though, they would have to respect the players to do that.


It really wasnt a response, it was the same thing they have been saying since November, they are just personalizing it with tagging you. An answer is transfers will be open on February 24th, not taking it to the team & certainly not “may” happen after WOC

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Hey furco! You leaving again?

Unless the plan is to lock all the qualifiers in the WOC region ad infinitum I think transfers are going to have to open @GR.Scopely

This is the kind of half baked info that will turn some of your biggest spenders off of moving

Nobody wants another TOC lockdown fiasco

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What’s the gold up? @GR.Scopely were in need of players coming as soon as transfers open we haven’t recruited in months waiting on them

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