Still undecided on Angel

I put her down as a situational character originally, like, if they have Doc, shes great, or if they have Pete and you have a zach and can maim all shes great.

I’ve seen two people on our region say they regret getting her.

I’ve seen others swear by her rainbow leader skill, even with the lack of ap on defense.

Another person told me she allowed them to auto s15 teams.

I’m still looking at my choice box wondering. I said I’d hold out for new season store.

So… I’m still undecided but I’m leaning towards angel now solely because of the amount of “limited time offers” were being offered to get a chance at Doc & Scarr. Also theres command maggie in season store so I’m feeling like theres going to be a surge in Doc/Maggie teams.

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Also its just two guys from the whole region…

I’ve never seen people complain about getting an S class, usually they complain when other people get an S class :smile:

All she does is slow my doc team down to later turns. If you can control her, she’s like any other toon.

But I’m not convinced by her. I’m a los going to wait a bit longer to see how she performs if I start hitting her in raids.

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She hasn’t changed anything about my attack team


She isn’t maxed yet in my region. Jiafeng has hella trauma along with angel, which stacks. She’s very good until the inevitable yellow s class anti trauma to all for 5 turns drops.

Almost 50% of the new war defenses uses her atm… if you-re dependant of the toons skills you will have a painful moment versus her abilities…

For me it is a solid choice, the exhaust can help you out, also his AR can help against teams that uses gabriel or zach so have multiples uses…

ANGEL she is good no doubt

That is the other side of the argument.

I run SPriya lead, SMercer, SPete, Ajax and disarm Michonne. When I see Angel on a team I’m glad because she does not do anything to my team.

I think that’s also why I’m struggling to pick her, I’ve not seen her pose a threat to me.

team grade means nothing.

Scopely is giving out Doc Stevens practically for free. If you use her as a defense lead and attacker uses Doc he wont be able to AR t1. It’s up to you to build a def that takes advantage of this.

its a good team, but it’s slow (cant rush before t3). many were using doc stevens on attack for t1/t2 team rushes. if you win in 2turns and opponent wins in 4turns, the only way he can beat you is if he outcoins you

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Daze resist and your team is toast.

Daze resist wont stop the stun from Ajax or Mercer :stuck_out_tongue:

Every doc is running daze and stun resist now ajax is worthless. You would be 100x better off with a command.

If you do not daze her first round that exhaust is lethal to doc or blue Morgan. I like her but If I’m not paying attention to who I’m going up against. She will destroy my atk team.

She’s good imo

So that’s me getting 3 defends in a row against the rank 2 faction in our group for CRW. I think I’m doing just fine.

Wow frame it you the best. I’ve never seen any of those factions and now I know why wave 3 lol.

Don’t forget to mention that in one of your screenshots your camp is nearly destroyed lol

Daze resist also can go on Angel.

She kills Aarav too,so worth it.