Still that Mod issue


Some people can still equip mods that have duplicate effects. Either this should be open to all or none.


Ugh. Seriously. Fix it. How is that fair that some can’t and some can? That extra 500 defense in most cases goes a long way.


This is so broken honestly.


I didn’t have the ability to do it and then I got it. It’s somehow getting worse.


Yeah this should be fixed but technically anyone can do it u just gotta mess around w the mods


How does one do this? Just asking for a friend


Some people just can do it, there is no trick to it like going into airplane mode. Just try and see if you can or if you get the “repeated effect” grey-out like most do.


Oh (7 characters)


Yeah doesn’t work for me


Everyone can do it, ur on the wrong screen.

Also JB said there is a fix in the 14.0 update due out midweek


It’s complicated so I don’t know how to explain. But like the guy above said. U on the wrong screen, have to do it in roster


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