Still no war wheel

again almost half war is passed and we dont know what rewards are we fighting for… great job scope

Check the rewards tab on war, the rewards seem pretty clear to me - there are no war tokens so there will be no wheel just yet.


I thought they said you could use the heads to upgrade and or pull from the wheel.

Ahh they updated the original post it now says nov 1 for war wheel.

should still put it up so we can be sad thats filled of trash before nov the first

Should they have put November 1st in bold or capitalize it ?

No wheel until the first, why expect one now?

At least they finally (sort of) scaled the war rewards @Parker

Yup but prize tiers are still shocking. 48-17. You can cruise once past #45, you’ll never reach 17


Agree. And the amounts are still shockingly little. Especially since it’s crw. I mean first out of 16 regions gets 600 collectibles. Don’t we get that or more for faction level up? It’s not enough. They need to be bumped across the board. But I guess this won’t be an issue starting on November 1st.


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