Still no video's to watch


Still have no video’s available here , this is since last Friday now. Support have informed me that it’s down to tapjoy having no adverts apparently.
As a customer of Scopely is it too much to expect someone from scopely to pick up the phone to tapjoy , explain the situation and give us some feedback on when this maybe resolved ?


I have tapjoy videos


Congratulations, lots of us dont


I get the same reply saying they see no issue ect don’t get your hopes up as I don’t see them fixing it :confused: some people get them still and other like us are left in the dirt


Not the only one any update on this @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely?


Same here.


I get an instant ‘‘no videos available’’ everytime I click on it. Has been like that for a couple of days but then again I ALWAYS have problems with videos. They can’t even give out an x nr of videos to each player but they sell you the idea that you have daily to videos to watch lol
This game should really be sold to a better & qualified company, and since scoply cares very little for this game they wouldn’t even miss it.

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It looks a problem located in the Europe area. People I know from USA have no issues.


Mine are still not working, 6 days now :rage:

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i wonder if this has anything to do with players’ playing behaviors, mainly, how much players spend on this game.


“This game” has nothing to do with tap joy or the adds.


Mine work fine in california


Reduce lumunosity! That light is blinding


Congratulations like I said lots don’t

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Let’s try to figure out from which regions the videos are working

  • USA working
  • USA not working
  • Europe working
  • Europe not working
  • Asia working
  • Asia not working
  • Australia working
  • Australia not working

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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Same problem… since 6 days…
Support refers to tapjoy…
tried several clients and times…
located in europe…

Pleas make the videos work again :slight_smile:


Jb replies on my thread about this he said he will take it up with the team


That’s a week in and 1050 coins lost hardly fair is it ?


Same here :rage::rage::rage:


Roll on brexit - No Offers due to some bs new Europe tax law on advertising/data sharing.

Thank google for under paying billions in tax for years for this change.

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