Still no scavenger missions


Since the beginning of scavenger mission i havent been able to convert the scavenger camp.
With the consequense i cant play scavenger missions ive been complaining to the staff for months and no they hace taken away my support button.
So scopley gets some heat and take away the support button.
Please help me to convert it into a scavenger camp so i can play scavenger missions for the first time ever.


Dear bobs i know how it works i can make a armory only not a scavenger camp



Wonder if its because you are on beta update.


How do you mean


Beta has a track record for messing up your game in the live regions. Beta is one of the things i wish I could undo for myself. It seems with every new beta update all kinds of strange things happen… Resets, Actives happening on first turn and I think AR’s are faster as well. I am scared now to undo beta because I think I will end up with a save game miss match and be locked out entirely. Either way Keep pressing them for help… Maybe @combatdevil or @combatman or one of the other IUGO guys have some insight.


if you switch from beta to non-beta you will indeed have a save version mismatch and be unable to play until updating to the beta’s version again.


So in other words im just screwed


No just leave beta group them wait. Just make sure to not delete the game or brake your phone. When the live non-beta update goes out you’ll be out of the beta.
If by chance you do have some sort of fail before next live non-beta update, either rejoin beta group them wait till they except you again or ask someone to make a APK copy of current beta update. The second option would be the fastest but if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about you might be better waiting.