Still no rick.. as of yet

Would be nice get it not that its useful anymore but still a lot ppl dint get the 5 star

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Same here, still waiting, even if it’s a useless 5star I want it for my collection


They will add him to the 5 star wheel, like they do to every "special’ character they give out. Knowing scopely, they would call that a “fix”

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I noted some people got him, so something is broken

Still have got my sky bound insider rick yet either.

No special 5* Rick here either. My bet is we never get it. We are talking about a month ago we were supposed to receive this.

There’s been hardly any discussion of this so Scopes probably doesn’t realize there’s a problem :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:

I gave up waiting. At this point wether I get him or not it doesn’t matter because with no gear he’s just gonna sit there any way

Accountability is a real thing. Scopely thinks they do not need to be accountable for what they say they will do.

I’m still waiting too

i also didn’t get my rick yet #blamesage

Same. Probs won’t get him. Only been an insider since the start. Figures.

I sent another ticket to the in game bot. It will just say for me to !onitor my inbx.

why we are draging that useless Rick topic too long :smiling_imp:

Next time they’ll promise us a free legendary and then will ignore us.

Nah need hit them with false advertising crap.

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