Still no list........2019

Still no list and it’s several weeks into 2019 and we still don’t have an ascendtion lists


Imo Eric the only decent f2p toon that’s been released even in the 2018 list all of them where bad :man_shrugging:t3:


Several = 2 get with it :joy::joy::joy:

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Its just gonna be 10 or 11 toons that will take 12 months to release, not even worth holding old toons

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Maybe Scopely got sick of people saying “when’s x gonna be released?” etc etc

So now, they will just release whenever so we can’t prepare to obtain the toons beforehand via ascension etc. Prob release them in offers for high prices


Eric is pretty solid

But everyone wants the v2 6* that they already have as a 5* to ascend lol

It’s not like they had a choice with making Eric crap, considering Gen2 6*s are on the horizon.

Why exactly do you think that all these toons are bad?

Maybe they’ll do one per month via this new level up rewards system. Would be an absurdly slow release schedule but they might be setting a precedence with Eric


Probably not a bad idea. Especially if the next set of toons are made useful like Eric. Let’s be honest the previous slow dribble of useless garbage legacy toons wasn’t good. Anything different right now would be an improvement. Let’s hope.


I think Kenny is pretty good for walkers…

@JB.Scopely any news?

They don’t give a slight advantage to those p2p teams

Eric is a pretty damn good toon for a legacy ascendable, but I still think many of the recent ones are underrated. I’m using Rose pretty consistently in a ranged/alert only team. Duane has been great. I can see a use for Dwight but not ascended him thanks to a number of blue winter token characters bleeding me dry of tough gear


You wanna say, that Andrea with her 800% damage and 20% AP and a good leader skill (40% atk and a huge bonus to AP when attacking to all ranged teammates, rather than blue) or Wanderer with his good debuffs against red and green enemies didn’t bring any improvements to roster teams?

You have to be able to get Andrea first though so

Supply Depot. Same with Wanderer, Duane, Tyreese, Governor and Eric. And yet the last three are considered good.

Yeah I haven’t had her come back in my depot since she was released however long that was ago so legacy’s are great if you have them but it seems to me they turn them down after released