STILL no IOS Update

I know many other players are having this problem. On Android I have version 9.0.6
On IOS I have version 9.0.5
It’s been this way for about 4 days. My account is stuck on a little phone screen and I can’t transfer it to war on my IPad. One more reason not to care about this war or this game anymore…


Well said bro it’s very infuriating

We’re waiting on approval from iOS. No update yet. :frowning:
I would suggest switching to android for War just in case!

I’ve already said I can’t because I can’t switch the accounts back could you switch them if I sent you the account code of the account I want switched out for my real one

Thanks scopely we will miss war

I play a few other mobile games and they don’t release updates until they’re approved by both platforms. At this point i really shouldnt even be bothering to ask this question but why can’t Scopely do this?

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It’s not game breaking but it is a major annoyance to those of us affected. I can only war on a little phone screen instead of the tablet I use to play 90% of the time and I’m just not interested in staring at a tiny phone screen all weekend. So no war for me this weekend. Or the money I would’ve spent on coins and cans if Scopely could do anything properly.

Exactly my question, why have one platform get approval and send out the update when the other hasn’t approved?

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Bump this up


If you can’t get approval for an update, can we at least get a link to go back to the previous version??

Doesn’t work that way, going back would require approval also. They really don’t have much recourse. Once the bell has been rung, it is impossible to get it unrung

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I think it would have been possible for them to push a new Android version that would have either spoofed the older version number or removed the check routine to allow users to switch back to their iOS devices. But instead of looking for ways to fix the issue and acknowledge that they had poor update releasing procedures in place they’re content on shrugging their shoulders and passing the blame off to Apple. I mean it’s not like they were aware of this issue for almost a week or anything.

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I don’t fully understand the process but doesn’t each company have to approve it? There is no way to tell when each will do it. I know Apple is much more secure than android so that might be the reason it takes longer.

Also, can’t the android users turn off auto updates?

yes but they never said they were going to send out an update and normally, both would be able to update within 24 hrs, not a week or so.

If they were smart they wouldn’t push the update until both releases were OK’d to be released or implement a server side version check so that they could allow version mismatching until all releases were available. There’s also no mention in-game that Android had a newer version either or that I wouldn’t be able to go back to my iPad after using my Android. So Scopely managed to break the game because of poor update release procedures.

Simply put this is a Scopely F up releasing one update before the other which breaks the ability to switch a game between devices. A more reputable company would have pushed the updates at the same time (after they were approved by Apple and Google) and during a event like level up where users aren’t constantly on the game like Survival Road tourneys and War…

I believe that android doesn’t require approval

how convenient to release updates just before CRW. Guess it is a habit of scopely screwing stuff just before CRW.

What’s in the update ?? Ascendable old 5 stars ? Milestones on a reasonable level ? Improved and renewed Supply Depot ? New settlement buildings ? Trading Option ? Tell me what this “update” is about :slight_smile:


Ios is at 9.0.5 and android is 9.0.6, ios update for 9.0.6 is still processed by apple according to scopely atm. Problem is lets say you have an iphone and an android tablet you play game on both by switching accounts with Facebook integration but the catch is both devices need to have same versions of game or you can only play whichever has newer version. In this example right now people stuck with android atm and can’t switch to Ios because it has older version.


To for the info cheers