Still no Garrett



Still not received the 6* garrett. Had over 8k candles. Finally got a reply from support.



You sent them a ss of your 8k+ candles I assume?


No, I didn’t take a ss. Surely they can check that though?


Maybe they sent him to another region you play in?


Only play in one region but I checked other regions I have accounts and nothing :frowning: I guess no garrett for me…


Keep surviving


Lol, always :slight_smile:


Try to reinstall your game. i had the same issue with some rewards and this fixed the issue for me


I have the same problem and support is a dead end. If they took 3 minutes to look at the account they could see the museum turn ins, but no dice.


Tried reinstalling but no luck. Maybe uninstall and not even reinstalling will be best…


It’s sad the response given pretty much acts like your situation doesn’t exist. Ignores the possibility that the job isn’t done.


I have a thread ont he subject as well here: Tough Luck on rewards
@JB.Scopely popped in and said it was a misunderstanding and to ask support again. I would recommend contacting support again and following up here with your response. If support doesn’t respond or sends the same response, it should be shown here. This way we have a track of what is going on and the lack of support we are getting from support.


Im in contact with support since the distribution of Garrett. Theyre still useless and not even understand what the problem is.
I got garrett sent to my old region and Its like im asking something from another planet.


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