Still keeps downloading 205mb everytime I log in

Someone pls help I really love this game but everytime I log in it starts downloading 205 MB and it’s wasting my data not to mention how long it takes

Make sure you have free space in your device. Have you opened a ticket with support?

Are you on kindle?
Whenever I was on kindle I always experience this shit.
Now that Im on android I barely see this screen.

I get it once every day on Android. Have for months as soon as I wake up.

I have lots of free space

@ChaosShooter28 I also barely use to see the screen but after I did my old account swap it’s been doing this

Either you’re clearing cache or your device have no sufficient space for the game

My phone has an auto cleaner, everytime it cleared my phone the game had to download that so i added an exception to the game and that never happened again
So the problem is that you delete the cache of the game i think
Sorry for my bad english

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Yes it is because of the auto cleaner that keeps clearing cache automatically

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