Still heading for SR zero, update #1


Yes I am still here and going in REVERSE! When I started this self imposed challenge I was at level 79 SR. Well folks I’m down to SR 56, yep. I have dropped 23 levels so. This is real and not a joke!
Well what have I discovered… well the rewards are diminishing (apparently much like scopely rewards according to the people out there). Funny thing I can beat some levels with a full 2* team. Anyways 56 weeks to go. 1 year and 4 weeks.
Will I make it, or will I fail? This question depends on scopely. Will the servers still be functioning is my only concern.
Finally what will I find? Who knows. Speculation abounds.


Have fun with that


WHAt lvl do you stop getting DT PK and Etch acid?


I have stopped for playing this for weeks at a time. Once and a while I get back into it but not very often.

It says I will drop levels but I have never dropped levels. I have watched two weeks go by and never dropped. Not sure why or what’s going on just appears I do not drop levels.


You have to actually play a stage. Just go in, take some damage and then Flee. Works for me.