Still haven't received the Survivors Club compensation offer!

I need the two pulls from it to make up for my missing pulls on the wheel! I’ve checked the game nearly hourly and have not seen it. Anyone else got the same issue?

Didn’t you retire?


Still haven’t received them

I got the standard compensation (not an SC member) did you get that one?

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I haven’t received it either.

Same here.

Feel as if this is very misleading.
And it interrupts game play to advertise this crap.


This is misleading because it’s not “free” or it’s broken because when I clicked the “free” icon it goes to your top picture. No where can I find that “free” offer of 5 items.

They have a new “free” offers up again that is not free.


Same, ‘Free’ compensation offer - if you pay for SC.

Is this only if you join or is it for recurring members too?

Only if you’re currently a sc member

I’ve not seen this offer

I got nothing😂

The compensation was sent out yesterday, if it didn’t show up in your shop as a free offer you may want to try force closing the game and then letting it sit on the town screen for a period of time and then check the store. If that doesn’t help them definitely open a ticket with Customer Support.

If you are a member of SC who has cancelled your subscription but still are under subscription for any length of time before the service cuts off and have not received the compensation package(packages really, the first one didn’t include everything so there should be two) then let me know and I can pass that information along to get it looked at.

So to be clear you are getting an offer pop up for the SC compensation and you are not an active member of SC. And then when you click it it takes you to the SC sign up screen?

I got that offer, but if I clicked it, it just sent me to the “buy the SC page”.


Same here, cheeky monkeys

I wonder if they’ll ever give out compensation for the people that pay for Survivors Club and get a crappy Bronze mod weekly???

An offer was just shoved in my face as soon as I logged on with a big old FREE button so of course, I pressed it but then it immediately brought me to another pop up for the survivors club asking me for $24.99. I laughed and thought hell no as I also gave a mental middle finger to good old scopes. :laughing:


I’m also getting this pop up.