Still have not received ANY tokens at all


Can I get any help at all with this?
I transferred from Troup to Wilkins right before the event ended and still have not received any tokens. Have contacted support with no reply and no help

Not even going to bother tagging an admin anymore any of you have any solutions?


Bump any advice anyone


They are most likely sitting in the region you transferred from. Have you checked there?


already check and you are right they are in my inbox, what is the next step to follow? Tell them to transfer them to me? Did they transfer them to you? how long did it take?


I didn’t have that problem, so not sure if it is a fixable issue or not. I just saw it mentioned somewhere else.


So make a brand new account by joining back my old region? Anyhow I want them transfered if support would respond


I have already risked and I have asked them to transfer them to me, I still do not have an answer, as soon as they respond, I will notify you that they have said about it (if they respond this year)


Same here
Best of luck brother


There’s hope, this was someone moving about the same time around the 1st cake timeout. Don’t let them off the hook, they can easily fix it, assuming they ever get to it. Forward this onto them if they give you any BS.


I’ve messaged, but no reply as yet…


Yes I have seen that as well.
We need an response from @JB.Scopely


JB is gone till next Wednesday from what I’ve seen posted… Hopefully Support wakes up before then and takes the 2 minutes to fix these problems. It’s entirely predictable this was going to happen, it’s rather sad Scopes keeps making these errors. If they have no capability to fix this, then just lock transfers around award distribution.

I fully expect the same issue will happen from any tournament rewards. So we get to see this replayed over and over.


Yeah, this is such a garbage move and is all due to the sloppy framework they used for this game.


Wow. I wish they could have said that to me. I got told to wait 24 hours more


They havent told me anything but to wait 72 hours Again


I think the customer service is like customer service in other companies. Some do a better job than others. I have called at&t when one person was useless and would call back a day later and a different rep fixed it in no time. I would keep on writing back and hoping a different rep gets it. Took my 15 messages for them to finally transfer me out of a closed region in the past.


Reply back immediately and include the copy of the support ticket showing the fix was done. There’s no need to wait, that was the response back when transfers 1st started…they are just reading the script they have about ‘delays’. It’s nonsense.


Maybe they do not “work” on weekends


What fix? I don’t understand why I didn’t receive them in the first place with the rest of my region. My old region has no account of mine in it, I wasn’t able to place an alt in it as it’s closed, so technically, there’s no record of me in Sumter anymore. Just stupid.


If we read back through JB’s correspondence on the subject (some of this was on discord, in addition to the official forums), he said they ran some scripts both before and after the 1st cake collection ended to try to adjust the leaderboards to reflect reality. Your problem, and I expect others, is that you were in your original region when the 1st scan was done, and subsequently transferred. Apparently the deliver of rewards was based on the information from the 1st scan.

Yea, I’m confused too how they could deliver your rewards to what should be a non existent account in the old region, but that is what is happening. Probably the act of granting the rewards “invents” the account in the old region in their database regardless of whether it exists.