Still don’t have S-class AARON available

I’ve messaged support but have got no where except keep on surviving🤬 is anyone else having this issue? It says I’ve claimed him already…

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Oh I’d be raiding hell. They better fix it :scream_cat::rage:

Raising *

What did they say about it? Or have they not reply yet?

They said known issue don’t have a timetable on when it’s going to be fixed… like wtf says it’s a visual bug…

Did u claim it under bad wifi? Because if so, its probably the reason your collection is 5/2 lol

I’ve never claime the s class at all… it’s been this way since event started…

Guess I’m the only one with this problem

Damn it a good job he is garbage need the gear more than anything.

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I know some others that were having this problem. You aren’t the only one

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Learn from the best… YOU :blush:

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