Still can't talk in chat 50 hours later

What is even the point of having a 24 hour ban countdown, if it just extends till whenever the heck you feel like it? Support is USELESS and either deletes your messages entirely or the one time they answered and said wait 24 hours for the ban to end. Well what now? It’s been 50 hours already, would appreciate a time frame because obviously 24 hours was a lie.

Keep on Surviving! :joy::joy:


I am in the same boat. Support keeps telling me to quit being so negative and my chat wouldn’t be censored. Also, to wait for my suspension to be over. IT SHOULD BE OVER. It isn’t. I wasn’t even attacking anyone or being uber negative when I got banned from chat originally. Please fix this.

I feel your pain I don’t understand how saying yay my ban is over and hi or single letters is being aggressive. They rolled out an obviously mentally retarded chat snowflake program and then left for the weekend. This is what we get when shit gets dropped without properly being tested. @JB.Scopely some great piece of tech you guys have. It bans people for talking about their 5,8 or 11 year old. Kudos y’all really cleaned up GC with your clearly “amazing” tech you’re all so proud of.The worst part is half of you scopley employees would consider it a success if you didn’t receive full out backlash after releasing and “obviously” untested, unreliable program. I guess just keep patting yourselves on the back. Oh yes and come Monday before replying to this shit storm, don’t forget the extra pancakes with extra syrup. You know the pancakes and syrup “WE” pay for.

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I am able to talk now. I hope you are able to soon!

How exactly is this program supposed to learn if what it censors is done correctly if nobody seems to be correcting what it does wrong?

Please write into CS if you are still muted after the timer hits zero. They can assist.

Yeah, can they cause they have been absolutely useless since the chat filter started!!

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They can. The question is will they? Lol


I have they’re useless!!! They just delete my messages and give me 0 answers… Not that I’m surprised that’s been the CS mo for as long as I have played this game.

Is there anything you can possibly shed on the situation to help alleviate it?

Look how helpful CS is… This doesn’t even account for the multiple other MASS messages I have sent. Only to have them DELETED with 0 answers. What did you say? Just message CS when the timer is done and “they’ll handle it” Yea sure looks like “they’re handling it” @TayTron

Lmao great troll post bro

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CS??? Hahaha…thats hilarious… I was unable to chat for 48 hours…after no less than 20 customer support responses telling me that there is nothing wrong with the system and that the ban is working as it should, and that there is nothing to fix since its doing its job…this is what I just received. But yeah scopely, it was all my fault according to your customer support

Fact remains they are infamous for launching an update and leaving for the weekend with nothing actually answered. They clearly did not test this in beta long enough. I saw issues just from forum post from beta members already showing how horrible it was. Instead of holding on on releasing the feature they released it full of holes like always. Last week it took until wenesday i believe before either CM said anything about anything.
Difference with this one is there are people being banned…in most cases for nothing. I have rarley spoken in ingame chat as i am worried saying hello will get me banned.

I’m glad I left this game. Cause I’d get banned, then unbanned, then repeat not even 5 mins later.

This shit has gone wayyyyy overboard. All because of snowflakes complaining and stupid ‘political correctness’.


I already tried that, apparently cs think me saying hi is too negative

Don’t even breathe mate, it’s too negative okay? You’ll be banned! :joy:

How the hell do you get chat ban for that long?
What things do you say in chat?
I am really curious

Same here, ese. I’ve been banned since Friday at 9:24 PM. Still can’t say hello.