Still asking for more OLDER Ascendance toons

I see more info and leaks showing 6-7 new toons.

Guess what gotta buy 6 of them and the 7th almost no one has.

How many times can we as a community ask for you to ascended 1 old toon a week…AT LEAST should be 2-3 but atleast 1.

I cant understand why we havent seen more ascendable older toons…maybe someone would be so kind to explain it to me?

I just personally wanna know so I can tell my faction and myself who are hanging on by a thread.

Its important we as a community to get an answer because peoples patience is wearing thin im seeing WAY to many people quitting. I dont wanna play alone.


It does feel slow. I think we were told a couple a month though, and as far as i can see we have 10 non-premier toons including zeke, from the first couple of months. So, overall we are on track with what we were promised, but i hope they speed things up a lot, otherwise a lot of old 5*s aren’t going to get ascended within the life of the game

10 old vs how many new?

10 including siddiq. 11 if you include dwight.

I thought “Oh that’s 6* Tara, finally some reward for our efforts”

Then I realize she’s a new alert version :woman_facepalming:t3:

she is first huge lead for 6 reds take it vs carl teams.

I think 2:1 ratio would look more suitable.

I can admit when im wrong, maybe im wrong…it just feels so unbearable how slow it seems…

I know, she’s awesome but I’d liked to be the fast one :frowning_woman:t3:

You aren’t wrong. We can’t wait 4 years to ascend our very last 5*. At this rate people will quit every week.

That Tara is from the new assault thing.

it is a shame we are not getting more older toons to give us a bit more variety, I believe we are getting about 3 a month at the moment, it doesn’t feel like it recently, but Ascendance came about end of July and we have 9 that I know of that were freely available. I believe there is something close to 225 (I read it somewhere I haven’t checked) 5* characters. at this rate it will be just over 6 years before all of the 5* characters are ascendable.

It seems a shame that when they put ascendance live they didn’t have a pool of 30-40 of the older 5* characters available so that we had the option for a bit more variety in the teams we face every raid and war. but they have made that as a business decision to try to encourage people to pull for the newer promo toons, it is understandable from a business perspective, but from a customers point of view it has made the game a lot more boring to play.

Sadly I can’t see the rate they are releasing them increasing anytime soon, Shane has previously talked about how long it takes to design each character, and that they then have to get each design signed off by Skybound. without greatly increasing the size of the design department they are not going to be able to ramp up the rate that they release old toons, while still releasing new toons that they hope to make money off of.

I would love for them to release a batch of older toons to create a bit of variety and breath some life into our rosters again. but at the moment I just can’t see how that would happen as they just wont make enough money from it.