Still a dumpster fire

Just reinstalled the app to see if it’s worth playing…its not…logged in to an empty inbox, not even any holdover rewards from when I uninstalled a couple months ago like league rewards for example, still no compensation that I never received during the whole #PU thing when they were dishing out compensation “to all players active at the time”…how does a return player not have that stuff awaiting them, why is there no returning player event like many other apps have to help draw them back in, scopelys so far behind all other apps in customer service/appreciation that it’s just pathetic, they’re the slumlords of mobile gaming and I’ll prob be re-uninstalling it soon if my inbox doesn’t start filling up cuz this is a joke

This is almost as bad as a retirement post. Hope you follow through and just uninstall again

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Inbox rewards are deleted after 30 days.

They expire, why would uninstalling change that fact?

Could imagine if they didn’t? Players would hoard so much, myself included.

Probably causing havoc on these dinosaur servers.

Yall be dumb af, they shouldn’t expire and that’s the point, I’ve gone back to many other apps and had stuff stockpiled in my inbox…scopelys at the bottom of the barrel in this industry

You dont like the game choose to dont play it.