Stick your crw matchmaking up your hole

Nice to see you matching toc regions to non toc
Top 50 for rewards
With all the transfers to toc regions makes it a pointless weekend for the rest of us
Again stick your crw up your hole


We the playerbase aren’t spending nor coining. Thank you scopley for a free war can weekend. #playersunited


There is still middle ground teams in ToC regions and also bottom dweller teams as well. You may get lucky and matched to one or two…keep surviving.

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Believe it when I don’t see the new prom toon.

Not everyone is participating so sure you will see the new Wayland. But a lot of folks are not pulling.

This is the problem people can’t help themselves

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Wayland wheel is giving out waylands on sc single pulls lol know of 3 so far :laughing::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Kind of ironic that he has the “playersunited” name too lmao

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