Steve For the player Counsil

Hey,So I’m going for a place on the big chairs.I know my name has been a litle dramatized.But I can offer some things…Think of me as a former Inmate trying to do some good
Things i can offer:

•An F2P voice,Not just any F2P voice but one that has endured so much by scopes.

•A Difrend Opinion on things,I’m a working man that likes Doing stuff that is fun and rememeberable

•Communication,Due to my real life activities I can be pretty active,Meaning a greater communication around players taking in their feedback.

I can offer alot.But in order for me to offer alot I’m gonna need YOU to offer alot.Forget my Past for a second and you’ll be amazed on what things I can Achieve.

With the Best regards.

-Steve Smooky


giphy%20(1) No


I’d like to know why you fell Dissatisfied with me?

We like red Kenny sorry dude :sweat: Has to rep for him

I’m with everyone.Either Red kenny or Blue kenny
Even Green one it doesnt matter.I like everyone…

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Green Kenny Intensifies


Fixed bro

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I’ll be your red Kenny <3

Chur Bro - I applaud anyone who puts their hand up for this, good on you, and good luck to you as well.

I dont believe in Luck.Luck Can only get us so far.
We make our own “luck” With doing things.Thats why only all of us united will be able to accomplish this task

We need a yellow ssssssssss class kenny

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You’d just nuke the PC line chat like ya have all those other region ones.


Which, I’m guessing is why you want in it, lol.

However, it would be a pretty epic troll move on Scope, but still.

Like I said.Leave the past behind.I havent nuked a line chat in months and I dont plan to do again…Unless you want me too…Bacon…

If you can get us Duck and Kenny s class, my vote is yes

In order to do that I’m gonna need your vote

Since they will review all of your past postings and comments here on the forum you will have never a chance. Also I do not see what positive impacts you can make for the community in general.


Kenny is our lord and savior. Let Steve on the council. Seriously though, good luck if you get on.

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