Steve Cards gone From Offers?

Since customer service is about as useful as a pet rock, maybe someone here can help. Is the offer for 1k Steve cards for 49.99 donezo? I know it said limited time but the boxes are still in the shop. I’m short 1k :confused:


I’m afraid that you will remain 1k short

I’m just unsure how that makes any sense since the boxes are still for sale for 1000 coins. Sigh :confused:

Get 1000 coims cheaper

Why not buy the box then? Sorry just curious

Excuse me? How dare you compare the Support with a Pet Rock!!!

images (1)~2

What game are you playing? There is no S class Steve or any Steve cards lol

Oh, it’s a whale thing for wat chumps…

Its exclusive for WOC region

I was informed just as I hit reply on first message :laughing:

I bought both boxes and I got 1k in each lol now they’re selling 1k for $99.99? That’s just absolute robbery.

Oh I see that does stink. I am sorry for you.

greedy scumbagssssss

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