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I have been playing team games since the mid 90’s - - KodaK is my IGN from the start. I keep my rep so have never had to change my name. I have seen all - also weapons that break when you upgrade them. You want that?

Many players on this forum are upset. But 200k other players are not. I assume you read the CTO position -
if not read it. Now. Understand there is an attempt to disrupt - respect that.

Spend your words somewhere else. I am tired of reading stupid complaints over prizes.

60M C funding is nice but will not do it. There is a core flaw - there should be 1 region not x. Then all whales compete and others just enjoy Kirkman. I know one game valued at >1b that did this. It is possible. But you try to get 60m then speak.

The dev team is A1 - read - this is from @Agrajag and @CombatDevIl who care.

Either leave or stay - stop this Beta thinking. I am not interested in your gripes - now stop picking on the staff - deal with it.

Let’s play

PS - I am pissed off but want to see some positive here. Dam I am griping :frowning:


“but but but we spent so much money on this game and we are allowed to complain” those are the type of answers you are going to get

Sorry - I have seen players buy a laptop and ship it to a player in war - you please be silent. It is sunk cost - look to tomorrow. Not the past. Unless you can show me a way to change the past.

I’m just telling you what to look forward to by making this type of thread. you are going to have people saying they spent so much money in this game and they have a right to complain when they aren’t getting better rewards. It sounds like your gripe is with me now! I will be silent. You are in a bad mood from what I can tell.

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You have put together a very thoughtful and thought provoking posts. I believe we need to put out there to the powers that be what we like about the game and be positive. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t bring up genuine in game issues that are something that can readily be fixed, like the Wendy snafu or using airplane mode on the armory. We need to quite complaining about things that they cannot do anything about.
Some things that I do enjoy about the game:

  1. The addition of a new 5*, Dr. Stevens, to the SR depot, which gives me a reason to knock out those 10 stages everyday to accumulate enough points to get him and the knives.
  2. I cannot wait for the new faction intense feature. I want to be to get together with the faction mates and get some prizes for our trouble. (A whole sight better than that territory stuff)
  3. The influx of duct tape and polish kits. They have helped make me more competitive and my faction mates as well. It looks like everyone has finally got an absolute defense or stun weapon with helps during wars.
  4. How 6* toons have helped make me more competitive during wars. When its Mano e Mano against some of those top tier factions, I have been able to beat some of their best teams (I still don’t have a chance against that Priya whore/ shield/ guardian teams, but what are you gonna do). I have also got some righteous defends with shield Lee and 6* Carl which I have never been able to do before.

Come on yall. Lets use our energy to put up why we play thing game day in and day out. This may just be the thing to show Scopely, the developers that are here, and the community moderator how dedicated we truly are and not some fair weather games. If you are just going to complain and flag and troll, please go away while the rest of us keep surviving. That is all for now.

Roberto Con Queso
Franklin Region
Fear The Walking Dead Faction


@robertoconqueso - Point 3 - they fixed this at lvl 105-225 you get DT and PK up 5 each level - also note you can make a stun etc from 2* toons cheap - that’s what we do

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I’m at lvl 109 not with 20% left to go. Cannot wait for more DT and PK to play with.

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Get your 2* stuns or ABS - it’s cheap and works

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Can you do that with the green stun weapons as well?

Yes - just try and no DT or PK is needed - I thought all knew this. Pick one with good +att or + d - make it so.

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I have 1 armory doing this 7x24. It helps a lot. I have one Armory working on 4* but it is slow.

I had not been using my armories to their full potential I guess. I will definitely be giving this a try.

Weapons are definitely game changes. Especially against the SD zombie levels.

Make all 5 of each trait slayer 1 - reset till you get the +20 crit > 60% It’s cheap as chips and helps with SR et al.

Thanks for the help. Now this is what the forum is suppose to be used for.

Agree @robertoconqueso - improve and then improve.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Literally, I couldn’t.

Hemingway - I use words like a desert soul finding water.

I really cant reply to this post without getting myself banned so take the fact that i took the time to type this and what that POSITIVELY means and have yourself a lovely day.

Can you agree the meta is a fool’s errand? One faction for all - all for none?

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