State of the Union- RTS

Lets get a list together of all the things we as a playerbase have issue with encapsulated in one space. And I would say things that are not directly related to game play be held for another thread. In specific, I mean what are the issues we are facing in the nuts and bolts game play of this fine Scopely product.

I will start…

  1. Even the glitches have glitches

  2. Stop tinkering with the level drop rates and drop items. Farmers become accustom to areas, and we know we have to live with RNG, but when fertile zones go dry with no warning, its a waste of resource.

  3. Gear and trainers should not be pay only.

  4. Territories glitch that boots me out to restart after taking a territory has been around since Nixon’s presidency. How is it not fixed?

  5. Update the game with usable items. Basic tokens have no use. 1 star items are pointless. Instead of launching a new game mode (YAWNSLAUGHT) improve the existing content to mirror the changes of the game.

  6. Make REP mean something

  7. Make Legendary’s out of the existing characters instead of releasing Meta altering super cards

  8. transparency. actually communicate. being ahead of issues instead of behind is a sound business practice.

  9. actually test functions in Beta for more than a week before launching. GIve it two weeks, MAKE SURE THE STUFF WORKS

  10. Put some Blitz wars into rotation. THe game is boring and stagnant at times. THe fix is simple. Add a blitzy makey players happy


“But muh ghosting”



  1. If you pull a toon now you might be able to use it in your league season #6 offense/defense around 2020 due to gear missing everywhere.

If you were actually serious and wanted Scopley to take you seriously maybe you wouldn’t put fake names like “yawnslaugh” in your list. You could at least try to be serious

So having a bit of humor is not serious? Take the stick out of your seat, Slack…


Great list @Acolyte11

but it fits so well. probably even at scopely they call it yawnslaught.

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Exactly why hide from the truth??

Is it not what he said?

Willing to bet we get the majority on that one bud.

Just add this thread to the other similar threads like this that came before this and give this the good ol scopely stamp of ignore improval.


This has all been said before.

I know. Its like shouting in an empty room, but I feel better typing it…

Who knows, maybe the Gods will shine on me, somebody from Scopely will take it seriously, even with some humor thrown in, and something might get resolved.

Same odds as winning the powerball jackpot when you don’t buy a ticket, I am sad to say…

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Your odds are better played on a 40 pull for a premiere toon then taking your chances in hoping scopely NOT @JB.Scopely to change things.


Only 3 hours left to cancel your survivors club subscription


Transparency like how many comics need Andrea to upgrade?


“Make rep mean nothing”.

If that happens the game will literally go berserk those who have spent thousands on raid cans and taken years to build their rep basically we talking about over 50% of the playbase at the minimum.

No u(7 chars)

Its sarcasm

Best way to fix this shit game quit…buy a Xbox or ps4 :slight_smile: cheaper and more fun


Yeah, but if we did that with every game that hit the google play store, then we couldn’t meet the wonderful people here on the forums and talk trash about the bullshit we can’t fix.

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