State of RTS...future of game?

Serious question here…does anyone happen to know revenue or spending trends pre and post bucket gate? Curious to see the survivability of this game now that I see so many previous whales and spenders who have quit, gone casual or just don’t care anymore. I’m also curious to know how F2P feel now that there is supposedly less spenders actively playing since #playersunited and #notspendinganotherdime after the recent hiccups from scopley.


F2P here *Flashes F2P pass*. I’m Wave 2, so I haven’t really seen much whale activity but there still is some spending, mainly from the casual grouping. I’d say that’s had a bigger effect on the bettering of my experience than any of the hiccups ('Bettering of experience strictly means opposition in war, not a general statement) I will say I’m glad I’m not in Wave 1, so take from that what you will.

For my honest opinion on the former aspect of your post. I don’t have access to one of those fancy stat websites with the graphs and whatnot. But, I did notice the game fell from around #70 to #100 in my Play Store. So I think there was some fall-out from the recent gate.

BUT, what does that mean for the future? I don’t actually think it’s quite as apocalyptic as some might say. Because interestingly, by comparison of their other games, you have Star Trek in #16, WWE in #60, but Looney Tunes was down in #160. Even Yatzhee was below RTS around #120. So it’s fair to say that RTS is still a middle-profit game for them, if still not their biggest.

Sure that’s only one app store, and maybe one country (don’t know how it works), but extrapolated, and I’ve always said LooneyTunes’ success was exagerrated, for a new game too it’s not a confident start. So I don’t honestly think there’s any ‘sunset’ plans. I think they have an older, but more secure game in RTS. If you look at every single review thread for ST, WWE and LT, they have identical copies of the negative reviews for this game. All their games have a ticking timebomb aspect, but only RTS has shown it can withstand it so far.

Partly why I hoped and still hope they’ll take on board the PU improvements. There’s a very loyal core to the game and people do come back. Ironic given the survival nature and theme of the game. I think it will slowly climb back up the gross chart over time, but it could be even more if they stopped piddling around and worked with their players to make a fun game. They shouldn’t waste what they have.

Just my honest and truthful opinion. You may kill me but I will die with the moral high ground.


Why are you torturing us with obscured stuff in the very first sentence. What kind of classified stuff did you say?

Tap it lol. It’s a lil innovation I added

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I am free to play and personally with the right amount of effort you an get what you want in a certain amount of time

I had tried to imagine what the game itself would look like in 2 years time - it is, at its heart a good product, the concept is good, I am not talking about the ethos behind it, but the actual format, its why we are such a passionate community, its one of the best out there.

I think in 2 years time we will be looking at 6 stars the same way we look at 5s now, S class will no longer be a novelty and anyone who has stuck around from now, will have several, s Class will be available from the league store, we will have had a world map update or 2, and some sort of new game mode, maybe some kind of Onslaught / Walker hordes abomination, town will be expanded, territories will still crash, we might get a new building in the town as well, it will generate survivors, or scrap, we will be running around with 5 star weapons, there will be an armoury update of some sort, and maybe town hall will get taken out to level 25.

Ultimately the moral of my long winded and wistful story is that I think the game will continue, with all it’s gates, and shenanigans, until the TV show is cancelled and forgotten.


Any of the ftp I’ve talked to believe there never really was a spend1ng strike, and they still complain about whales and proudly show off wins with their ftp toons.
I know there continues to be those who no longer put money into this game since playersunited started, despite what my ftp friends think. And I personally think thats the greatest thing about it all.
Scopely has always been this way… odds have always been abysmal, we all just spent anyway. Bugs and poor decisions are synonymous with Scopely. I mean these forums are proof of all that. We could go back to last year at this time and see similar complaints.
I love this game, not only because of the friendships I’ve made, but because the game itself is pretty fun and does have longevity.
The fact I’ve stopped spending and I’m still enjoying gameplay is refreshing for me. For so long I felt I had to spend, but to know that my enjoyment of this game is not contingent on spending money… thats a real gift. So thank you RTS community, and thank you #playersunited. :blush:


Wave 1 here, but have always been F2P. It’s a mixed bag. Some whales and F2P players have quit but overall seems about pat. Which is disappointing

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$900k in August? My god, they must have sold at least 3 S-Classes


Alot of these people in my region so it’s pretty fun.

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In my almost dead region quite a few have S toons and they keep spending no matter what. :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much money you have, in the end, our coffins will be the same size

Haha just kidding, you can buy a pyramid to be buried in

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Scopely bout to leave in general and just stay silent for the next 200 to 400 years.

There has been no real change to the game, scopley have shown they can do just about anything and get away with it. This applies to f2p and p2w alike, loads have quit from both sides but the majority of the people complaining about the bucket fiasco are still playing. Its no longer in scopleys hands its in the players hand, have to remember there can not be a game without a playerbase. Hit them where it hurts or stop complaining and just play the dam game.


I really don’t know, were being treated like naughty children, but the games still here🤷🏼‍♂️

Mostly ftp. I was barely hanging on. Bucketgate threw all my give a damns out the window. I seriously don’t care what happens in the game anymore