State of Road to Survival


When does it end with Scopely? We constantly work at keeping our accounts at the top, but there is something new for sale to drop you back down. Some people have spent thousands of dollars and wasted a lot of time on the game just to get smacked in the face by a company that doesn’t care. Scopely has made some of the better accounts worthless with 6*s. The constant glitches and prize changing. It truly never ends with the incompetence. #rtsrebellion


If you think you will have a lasting advantage by spending money on a game like this I have bad news for you pal.


5 excellent players have quit this weekend from the top faction in a active region. What do you think the purpose of this post is? The players of this game are sick and tired of the constant BS. You should feel the same way whether you spend or not. Do you have time invested in the game?