State of Business Looking for Recruits!

State of Business is looking for a few new recruits! Preferably European or Asian to help strengthen US nightshift, but would consider players from anywhere. We’re a friendly group of top players looking to expand our roster and become stronger as team.

We’re currently #2 in Chilton in region events and a Top 5 faction in CRW. (Placed 2nd in the most recent CRW and 5th the one before that).

State of Business is part of the Business clan which is ourselves and Strictly Business. Once faction transfers have a confirmed date SoB will consider moving to become a No1 faction in a different region. Reason for not moving until the update is because of league progress. Already had to start over and worked our way to Platinum I. Will reach Diamond again during Season 3.

If you’re interested in finding out more please message me on line @zackolack. I rarely come on forums so unlikely I will get back to you as quickly as I would on line.